Carpe Diem


It’s evidently been a little while now since my last post and for those of whom follow me on Twitter and Facebook, the reason for this will be known , although due to not posting anything on here about it I wanted to update you on this today.

There’s no easy way of saying this and I hate having to write it, but a dear friend of mine passed away. Tom were genuinely one of the nicest people I’ve met and to have had the pleasure of befriending, he were intelligent, funny, caring and the most easy going of people. He were completely carefree and without a doubt the life and soul of any party. Being a healthy guy and at the young age of 26 years, it’s safe to say that this terrible news came as a huge shock to all of those which knew him. These past few weeks have been awful and it’s something that I still can’t get my head around, understandably I couldn’t handle blogging, finding that any motivation to do so or the inspiration of which to help me write my posts, had simply vanished.

Any loss gets you thinking about things and due to Tom being always such a happy individual together with the shock of the whole situation I of course found my mind to be in overdrive. Approximately a week and half before his death he’d invited me to hang out however it were late at night and I needed to be up incredibly early for work the next day therefore I of course turned down the invite, even though he had then asked to just have the one drink. This is something I’ve been beating myself up over since his death, despite there being no way I could have predicted this. It’s reminded me of the fact that all too often we get caught up in routine and duty whilst forgetting to truly live life. How many opportunities to do things and to enjoy time with loved ones would we make the most out of if not for the fact of mundane prioritising? This reminded me also of the need for many of us to stop putting other’s before ourselves so often, to stop missing out on things or failing to try new things based on what somebody else will think. Your life is yours and only yours, if you want something then you have to go for it, take chances and get out of your comfort zone because all too soon it could all be over. Do you want to reach the end only to regret not giving somebody a second chance, or wondering how different it could have all been had you pushed yourself toward the career of your dreams, to have travelled the world?  Live life to the full and unapologetically, be yourself and stay true to you. Life is often what you make it. Create so many amazing memories, as many as is possible and always remember to ensure that your loved ones know what they mean to you. Carpe Diem!

I wish to thank you for your understanding of my absence and for sticking with me. I’ll get fully back into the swing of things as soon as possible regarding any comments made or e-mails sent to myself during my time away. Have a stunning day and a life worth being jealous of yourself for!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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