First Impressions - 5 Reasons why I adore Boohoo


I’m sure we’ve all at least heard of Boohoo by now, if not, are you even on this planet? The widespread popularity of this particular online clothing retailer is astonishing and with only a couple of days in which to find an exceptional yet not too pricey outfit I figured it were finally the time to climb onto the Boohoo Bandwagon!

I’m one of those people of whom is incredibly cautious when shopping online and especially when using somewhere new, usually finding myself a little jumbled due to returns policies, size guides and the other usual suspects! Will the item fit? Is it a reputable and safe retailer? How difficult or costly will returns be in the event that my order is nothing alike that of which is portrayed on the site? I’m able to spend an infinite amount of time over analysing the answers to these questions and many more, before finally missing out on fantastic offers and sales or simply not having the audacity to take the risk and order that dream dress from somewhere I’ve yet to buy from. After a little contemplation, lack of time and the urgency to acquire a new outfit for my friends birthday celebrations, I had no other option but  to finally take the plunge and oh, how I’m delighted that I did. So, just what exactly are my reasons for my new found obsession?

1. Site layout and extensive choice. 
This is rather self explanatory, the layout is simple and the filters are easy to use, making it so much simpler to find exactly what you’re seeking and with a high volume of choice available that’s well required indeed. There’s definitely something for everyone. Literally, did you know they’ve started to supply fashion for men now, too? 

2. Delivery and returns. 
Boohoo boasts free returns which is something I absolutely always consider before making any online purchases, additional to this are the exciting delivery offers of which are often shared, such as £1 next day delivery when you place an order before a certain time in the day. How can you pass up on that?!

3. Prices and quality. 
It’s hard not to notice that there are some fantastic, affordable prices, even more so of course when perusing the sale section. The astonishing thing about this however is that it by no means results in poor quality. The items I ordered are made so well, feel amazing and are ridiculously comfortable to wear. I’m in awe!

4. Sizing
I despise size guides therefore I simply chose to not bother looking! Instead I made my order based on the size I usually am and thankfully this paid off with an absolutely perfect fit!

5. You get what is shown!
None of this being sent something completely different, oh no. Stock has obviously been photographed well because you’re provided with exactly what you ordered, unlike many recent situations I’ve seen in which items look totally different to how they’re presented online. 

I stumbled upon the above pieces in the sale section and were initially dubious about them based on the fact I would be unable to wear a bra with them. I took the risk regardless and I’m thoroughly ecstatic for having done so. Both outfits exceeded my expectations rather than being compromised. It turns out that overall I’m elated with the company and I will definitely be buying from Boohoo again, I couldn’t recommend them enough! I would like to add that I made the choice of buying these and I have in no way been pressured or influenced into giving a positive review, all views in this post and throughout the rest of my blog are and will always be my own, I am in no way affiliated with the company.

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing Boohoo yet? I’d love to hear all about your own experiences. Do you have any other recommendations for me?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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