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Last month I posted ‘At Last! Beautiful Books and Time to get Involved!’ where I asked which book you’d like me to review next, I created the Twitter poll, received the results approximately a week later and now here we are. Did I love or loathe Nicholas Sparks’ ‘See Me’? Continue reading to find out!

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, tough, because I’m including opinions on the aesthetics here, too! So, what did I think? The cover were attractive and actually looks as though it could be depicting a film adaptation, it shows a clear theme of romance and if you’re familiar with the work of Nicholas Sparks then you’ll know this to be a confirmation of that. The blurb - honestly? It failed to grip me. I adore Nicholas Sparks and always know I’m going to enjoy his books but I feel that I know what to expect, romance, plain and simple. Which is wonderful, but I wanted something a little different and I felt that I could predict the book based on the blurb, thinking that I knew exactly what were being hinted at with the mention of violence. Oh, I really didn’t have a clue, I also most definitely got my something different.

Before diving into the main story a prologue is included, providing a very unique, rather strange and unexpected start. With the direction it takes it’s evident that there’s a vast difference in regard to the expectations based on other work by Nicholas Sparks. This is continued throughout the book, most certainly destroying my assumptions in the most remarkable of ways. See Me takes the reader on an insane and unfathomable journey through a multitude of situations and emotions. Many factors make it easy to become utterly enthralled, each character is extremely different to another yet the dynamics between them work so effortlessly; despite heritage, social structures and past experiences, both main characters have their own dilemmas and face a range of challenges, there’s twists and huge shocks thrown in and whilst there’s an incredibly strong theme of friendship, family loyalty and love throughout there’s also hatred, obsession, threats and violence. Rather than a simple love story Nicholas Sparks has gifted the reader with an intricate and exciting web of constant action. This is absolutely thrilling to read, you’re kept hooked to the very end and it’s definitely taken joint top spot in my Nicholas Sparks favourites, alongside The Longest Ride. All I could do once I’d finished reading were chatter away to my Mom about how unexpected and brilliant it were - I can’t wait for her to read it too, this is a definite recommendation!

Have you read this? If so I’d love to know your thoughts, aside from the book itself nothing gets me more excited than a good discussion on the particular story in question. Lets face it, I live for books!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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