5 Frugal Foundations, Disasters and Dreams of the Drugstore!


I’ve been eager to write today’s post for quite some time now, so long that it’s become rather ridiculous. As we all know there can often be hidden gems tucked away in the drugstore realm, with some occasionally proving to be a strong rival against expensive high end brands, how else would dupes be in occurrence? Feeling frugal, whilst also underwhelmed with my foundation of choice at that particular time, it made the perfect sense to venture into the heart of our beloved dupe homes in order to partake in some serious shelf searching, seeking to filter out the fabulous from the fails and to discover my ultimate love within the affordable cosmetics world - there’s of course only one central destination in question, to the drugstores! Keeping my options open I also had a peek in a few other budget stores. In order to benefit in some way from my findings, please do continue to read on!

Collection Naturally Matt Foundation - 3 Cool Beige
I felt I should start with my personal worst, the first. Despite the low price I still expected more from this product, considering that it’s from Collection and there are products from this brand of which I love, such as the lasting perfection concealer and the pressed powder. Unfortunately I were left thoroughly disappointed in this product, to the point that I know it’s something I will never use up, unless of course I happen to partake in some random challenge when I finally give my YouTube channel another chance. There’s absolutely zero coverage regardless of the fact it somehow manages to turn you into some form of oompa loompa. There are six shades in this range which I don’t find to be too many and if the rest of them are anything like this then they’re probably all an utter hazard, I would definitely not describe this product as cool beige, more like warm tangerine. I felt this had an incredibly oily consistency with a very wet and cakey texture, it were a relief to wash it from my face. Maybe another foundation from this range would be better suited although I’m definitely in no hurry to find out, myself and this product really disagreed.
I’d score this product as 1/10
Boots - RRP: £2.99

Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation - Beige 55
With first the worst done, it’s onto second the best! I absolutely adore this product so much that it’s unreal, you may have also noticed this in a previous post of mine, April Favourites. I had little to say at that point as I knew I wanted to review this item properly in this very post, it’s been so hard to keep my opinions to myself for so long because I will recommend this until the cows come home! I did mention in my previous post that I preferred this over the MAC Studio Fix Foundation, although I have rediscovered my love for MAC Studio Fix, the previous statement is still very much correct and I’m only using my Max Factor foundation less due to the fact that I’m running dangerously low! This product is available in nine different shades which is better than the Collection foundation above, however I feel could still be potentially problematic for some, speaking of which I love the shade I chose and feel it works well with my skin tone. This product has a light consistency with a flawless coverage, it’s 100% correct when described as a 3 in 1 product, I have found there’s no need to use a primer or concealer when using this foundation, which of course considerably cuts down my overall make-up application time, too. I still use a little concealer for my under eye area, but who doesn’t? It has an incredible staying power, it’s easily blendable and buildable, not that the latter is really needed, and I simply can’t get enough! It’s well presented in a glass pump bottle, giving the illusion of a high end product but for a fraction of the price! Whilst this is the most expensive of the cosmetics included in this post, it remains affordable. The product has a matte finish and dries rather quickly, giving a flawless finish. 
I’d score this product as 10/10
Boots - RRP: £12.99 (With a current offer of 3 for 2 on selected items)

Miss Beauty London Flawless Matte Foundation - Shade 3
Third’s the one... With a hairy chest? Okay I think I’ll stop here with the chants, or whatever it is they are. I stumbled upon this particular item whilst browsing a pound store, I can’t quite remember which one it were exactly, Poundworld or something similar, you know the types! I weren’t expecting anything at all from this really, in fact, something close to my findings from the Collection foundation would be the best way to describe what I were envisioning. I’d like to say I’m quite surprised. Sure, this product hasn’t changed my life or excited me to an immeasurable amount although I think anything were going to be better received after scoring Collection 1/10. I found this foundation to be much like the next one I’ll be speaking of, so I’ll keep these two quite brief. The coverage is very light but buildable - just be careful with the application technique because this CAN and WILL streak if you aren’t paying attention. I found this to be rather slow drying and to feel a little oily to touch, easily fixed however with a light helping of powder to set everything in place! I’d definitely recommend setting this with powder as it does look a little on the greasy side otherwise. This is something I’d wear if I’d ran out of everything else and felt that I absolutely couldn’t leave the house without some form of coverage that day. Nothing to write home about but it were a pleasant surprise none the less. There were only a couple of shades in this, a definite red flag!
I’d score this product as 3.5/10
Poundworld - RRP: £1

P.S, Love Liquid Foundation - Ivory
Firstly, I wouldn’t have personally gotten Ivory, although there were only a few shades available and the other’s were far too dark for my skin tone! I’m unsure as to if there are more shades but weren’t stocked in that store at the time, or if there’s just barely anything to choose between, who knows, however Ivory is very pale, you have been warned! As I said above, I felt that this and the Miss Beauty were quite alike. Both having little coverage whilst being somewhat buildable, both slow to dry but also working quite well once setting powder is used on top. I preferred the P.S, Love foundation over the Miss Beauty due to the simple fact that I felt it had a little better coverage and more of a matte finish, there really isn’t much difference between the two, aside from the prices.
I’d score this product as 4/10
Primark - RRP: £2.50

Bourjois Air Mat - 03 Light Beige
Finally, my second favourite of the lot. Being Bourjois I were expecting this to be pretty amazing and I do have to say that I really enjoy this product, though it still can’t quite match up to the Max Factor Face Finity, but hey, even MAC doesn’t, so what does that tell you? Air Mat dries incredibly fast and applies like a dream, whilst hitting the nail thoroughly on the head with it’s matte finish, this is SO true to it’s words that it’s astounding. This product is a dream to wear, has great coverage, a beautiful finish and doesn’t leave me with the same clogged up feeling the day after like I’ve found the majority of other products to do. There’s only five shades available and I do feel as though there isn’t a considerable amount of product within this, I’m not sure there are many potential uses. Lastly, this is so matte that a setting powder isn’t necessarily required, although due to personal choice I still use mine, I guess it’s out of habit!
I’d score this product as 7/10
Boots - RRP: £9.99 (Currently buy 2 get the 2nd half price on selected items)

Have you tried any of the above products for yourself, what were your opinions? If there’s anything you think I’d like of which you wish to recommend then please don’t hesitate to do so, I love hearing from you!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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