Avon 'More Matte than MAC' Perfectly Matte Lipsticks


I’ve been eyeing up these lipsticks myself for a little while now, since seeing the advertisements plastered everywhere! Today I were able to review samples and if you, too, have been milling over the notion of getting your hands on them then you’ve come to the right place!

Firstly, the small print, I’d like to start by saying that I haven’t paid for these samples, nor have I been paid to test them or to share my opinions. The following write up is purely based on my own views and nobody else’s, I haven’t been pressured in any way by anybody to give a differing review of which isn’t my own. I were sent these samples by the lovely Toni and if you decide you would like to purchase these, or any other Avon goodies, then you’re able to find her Facebook page via the following link.

Above, are all of the different available shades and the shades I were given to test were ‘Peach Flatters’, ‘Pure Pink’ and ‘Hot Plum’. These are all of course matte finish lipsticks and as stated in the title, boast themselves as being more matte than MAC. Considering the difference in prices, with a MAC lipstick typically setting you back £15.50 whilst the Avon Perfectly Matte retail for £8, it certainly would be great for this notion to be proven correct, so let’s see, shall we?

I have only tested these the one time so far, therefore all views are based on an initial review and due to this I’m unable to comment on such factors as the durability and length of wear time these provide. Aside from this I do of course have many other factors I’m able to make comment on, such as the pigmentation, to start with. I found these to be well pigmented, as is also evident from the swatches at the bottom of this post, they were very slightly candy scented and had a mild yet pleasant taste, too. Whilst they are indeed a matte product I’d personally describe these as being more of a velvet matte. The finish appears to make the lips look plumper than what is typical of a pure matte, the product glides on effortlessly and you will find that these don’t dry out the lips either. Due to the creamy consistency it feels as though nothing is being worn and they definitely have a moisturising quality. I would assume that because of this the durability will falter somewhat as there’s of course the transfer of product when taking a drink to consider, I would also guess that it would result in the lipstick needing to be reapplied throughout long periods of wear. For me personally, this has never been a problem, I’d much prefer to have to reapply product rather than having dried out lips. My only issue with a creamy lip product is that I usually find that it often tends to shift and become messy, despite wearing a lip liner. I can’t make a comment on this in regards to this particular product however, as I wanted to test them alone without using other products. If you would like me to then I will provide an updated report of these in the future, once I’ve had a chance to wear them a little more.

I wouldn’t say that these are more matte than MAC, although this is based on my experience of using MAC’s original Viva Glam lipstick and I’m unsure if these are intended to correspond with a particular matte range of which is different to mine. This is by no means a negative thing however, as I find that the Viva Glam dries my lips out profusely which in turn I find to be incredibly irritating. With the Avon Perfectly Matte Lipsticks there’s no danger of feeling dried out or even as though the product is too much and cakey, these lipsticks are exceptionally lightweight and as I already stated, have a considerably creamy texture. I like the colours I were given samples of, with my favourite of these surprisingly being ‘Pure Pink’, these lipsticks are significantly cheaper than MAC and I wouldn’t hesitate to opt for these over the MAC mattes, mostly because of the fantastic velvet texture. There’s a good amount of colours available of which would be sure to entice me. Currently the Avon lipsticks are being sold for £5.50 rather than their usual price of £8, if I’m not mistaken I believe that this is an introductory price therefore be sure to grab yours fast! On a final note I found that the colour differed slightly between what I saw on screen and what the product is actually like, it’s not an overly dramatic difference but would be something to consider none the less.

Have you tried these yet for yourself or have you been wanting to? Don’t forget to get in touch with Toni regarding any purchases and to find out what else she has to offer!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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