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When given some form of recognition for doing something of which you really enjoy and feel passionate about, it honestly is the best feeling there is. Last week I had such a surprise and I absolutely must share it with the rest of you.

Yes you are witnessing the above clearly, by some utter miracle I have won my first blog award and I couldn’t be more elated! Upon my return home from work on Thursday I naturally had a quick peek at my blog stats as I’m accustomed to doing on my posting days, I noticed I had received some notifications overnight which of course pleased me. I’m always thrilled to gain any type of feedback from my readers, that being new followers, comments or likes, as I’ve always said the fact somebody has taken time out of their day, no matter how little, fills me with an unparalleled joy.

I want to say a huge congratulations to the other’s alongside me of which won an award, also the nominees, I can’t wait to get the chance to read all of your blogs! I can’t express how much this has astonished me, I didn’t know that I’d even been nominated, so to be told that I’d won the award for Best Fashion Blog 2015 were utterly bewildering in the most euphoric way, considering also that I’d only started my blog at the end of last year! Whoever initially nominated me, and then additionally voted for me, I can’t thank them enough – whoever they are! As I said it means the world simply to have people reading my blog, let alone enjoying it enough to do this for me, it’s remarkable and I really am grateful. I can honestly say it’s the most amazing feeling to get recognition for doing something you feel passionate about. I’d been nominated for both the ‘Best Fashion Blog 2015’ and ‘Best New Blog 2015’ awards, even now as I’m writing this I can’t fathom what has happened. I’d finally also like to thank M at NepaliAustralian, for accepting a nomination for my blog and promoting me through her own blog via this award. It’s a beautiful thing she’s done for everyone and I implore you to check out her blog as soon as you’ve finished reading this!

Have you recently won or been nominated for a blog award? What has been your greatest blogging achievement to date?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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