My Map of You


I recently mentioned the topic of today’s post in my ‘May Favourites’ and I’m especially enthusiastic to be writing about it now. I sure do appreciate a good book review and considerably more so when a book has provided me with so much to be enraptured by. Not got a holiday planned any time soon? Then instead come and escape to Zakynthos with me.

First things first, outside appearances. This book has a pretty enough cover of which promises an idyllic location, instantly resulting in making me crave a holiday! The blurb holds intrigue due to the secrets mentioned - I just can’t imagine what could be so perturbing about being required to go on a holiday to Greece! The acknowledgement of both a handsome neighbour and a boyfriend back home insinuates that there may be some confusion or conflict which alongside the aforementioned family secrets, further piques interest and the zeal to uncover all. There’s clearly a theme of self discovery contained within, which I’m sure won’t only resonate with myself and alone could prove to be enough to trigger appeal.

As is often usual, there’s a few brief reviews incorporated, alongside a thought provoking quote at the beginning, both of which aid to further the readers anticipation. The story starts with the prologue, this doesn’t make a lot of sense initially as the story hasn’t started although after progressing further into the book it fits snugly into place. I did find that the prologue offers the perfect opportunity for the reader to concoct their own theories as to who the characters are, where they fit into the story and where the tale is travelling to. This book is the perfect escapism from the very beginning as it engages the reader entirely.

So many factors contributed to finding myself effortlessly enraptured from start to finish, the relatable thoughts and feelings belonging to the main character as she were put on a roller coaster journey throughout a number of scenarios, pertinent descriptions and the adeptly constructed characters themselves as a whole, are to name a few. Unravelling throughout the chapters were small pieces of the puzzle, the perfect amount to eliminate potential tedium whilst holding back a considerable amount, further developing and maintaining intrigue. I were barely able to put the book down unless I absolutely had to and it goes without saying that I were devastated when the story came to an end. Throughout this utterly mesmerising tale Isabelle Broom took me on a whirlwind journey through love, loss, grief, guilt, adventure, friendship, secrets, lies, forgiveness and self discovery. I’d listed this book in my May Favourites before even reaching the midway point, knowing then that this were a truly remarkable work of art. I weren’t wrong! I’d go as far to say that My Map of You is one of my all time favourite reads and I can’t recommend it enough!

I’d easily rate this with the full five stars, from it’s intricate and well developed plot, fantastically created characters, well documented descriptions and the intensity to elicit feeling and emotion from the reader - how could I not?  It’s distinctly evident that Isabelle had explored every aspect of her plot and characters thoroughly when writing this book, far beyond what is shared with the reader, this is also a main reason as to why it’s proven such a rare gem. If you’re looking for a thought provoking, emotional roller coaster ride of pure genius then I suggest you give My Map of You a read. What are you currently reading and have you read this for yourself yet? Do you have anything that you’d like to recommend?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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