Little Legend Lennon


I’ve done it again haven’t I? I couldn’t stop myself, when you fall in love, you fall in love.

I’d like you all to meet the most recent addition to the Davis family - Lennon. He’s a one year old rescue rabbit, my beautiful and loving, one eared mini lop. I spotted him whilst browsing the local pet shop with a colleague after work one day, it’s imperative that I stop letting Debbie coax me into accompanying her to browse the animals because the same thing also happened with my two African Spiny Mice, Chase and Chance. I instantly fell for little ‘Lucky’, as he were named at the time, whilst many would feel either indifferent or possibly even repelled by his lack of right ear, I only feel as though it serves the purpose of making him look considerably more adorable than he already is. I were overcome with the intense desire for him to have a loving and safe forever home where he would always be given the best of everything and have a never ending amount of unconditional love.

I were unable to stop thinking about him since that day, yearning for his forever home to be with me, to be his Mommy. I already felt fiercely protective over him and couldn’t bear the thought of someone else having him who could potentially mistreat him or simply fail to give him the kind of love he deserves. I simply knew that I just didn’t have the money to be buying a new hutch, not when I already have so many required purchases to make and fees to pay off right now. As a few more days passed by I found myself pondering the condition of a large hutch situated in my garden already of which had been rendered useless previously. This hutch were an utter abomination on the inside therefore I had plans to stay well away from it unless first equipped with a pressure washer. I happen to own one of these although yet to have used it, the instructions are seemingly in a language not even recognisable to the human race and it’s the oddest and most complicated contraption I’ve stumbled upon, I figured though that it were time to change this. That were of course until the hose decided to disintegrate in my hands. Typical that there’d be a disaster for Davis. I refused to let this stop me so ventured out to arm myself with a replacement hose and additional to this, a hasp. Yet again this failed to prove favourable to me and at this point I honestly felt altogether desolate, as though the whole notion were simply a hair brained dream and nothing more. The next day I refused to give up hope however, it were my day off of work and as soon as I rose from my bed that morning I got to work on blitzing the hutch without any fancy tools, of course in the hope that the final result would demonstrate something habitable. Evidently I found this to be the case as after also becoming DIY Davis, making some much needed security adjustments, the hutch were looking great! Feeling extremely elated I made my way over the the pet shop to pre-pay and bring home some supplies, after a quick cuddle first with my little cherub. It were agreed that I would pick him up the next day. This were perfect timing, as it’s exactly what I needed to ensure I survived my first day back at work following my recent operation.

This weren’t a case of simply wanting another rabbit - sure, I’d have all of the world’s domesticated animals if I could, although this were purely due to the feeling I got about him, the instant feeling of love, the need to protect and care for him, the fact I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I absolutely needed him. I adore all of my babies and and the family somehow feels more complete with Lennon around. I’ve been hardly able to stay away from him, constantly in the garden with him, Echo and Eden, talking, singing and even reading to them. Lennon loves the sound of my voice and and because he has to live alone due to being scared of other rabbits (it’s another rabbit which attacked him, resulting in him now having only one ear), it’s especially important that he gets a lot of attention. Soon he will be the most well read rabbit there is! He’s such an adorable and lovely natured little guy, always being so happy to see my Mom and I, and has taken to marking my little finger as his! He’s incredibly playful and energetic, always getting up to something and having a silly. Additionally he loves his hutch so much and is evidently happy here, marking all of his possessions, playing, running, jumping and spreading out to relax. I couldn’t be happier - already he means the world to me!

A little legend deserved a legend name and with having siblings named Echo, Eden, Jeremiah, Chase and Chance, it had to be something unique. He seems to really like his new name, as do I, it also certainly suits the little beauty. Lennon would like to say a huge thank you to his Auntie Aimee for his beloved hutch, also a thank you to Ben for bringing it over here a while ago. A note to Auntie Sarah, Auntie Beth and Uncle Riley: he wants to meet you all soon!

Have you had any recent additions providing you with joy? I’d love to hear all about your own little angels.

With Love from the Mad House!
Disaster Davis, Echo, Eden, Lennon, Jeremiah, Chase & Chance x

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