Stimulating shopping, spontaneity and perfect piercings


It’s been so long that I’m unable to recall when I last presented you with a haul post, so I’m bursting with excitement to publish this post today, especially as there’s also a situation of which threw in a little added euphoria for myself. So exactly what mischief have I been engaging in this time?

After experiencing a seizure for the first time last night I’m understandably feeling rather out of sorts today, therefore I hope you’ll understand my wanting to keep today’s post relatively brief. Evidently I have been shopping, it’s been a long time coming let me tell you! There’s a few bits and bobs I’ve been wanting to pick up so I decided to venture to the Crown Point in Leeds, followed by the White Rose Centre. I’ll get right in with my purchases but first, as any Pokemon Go players will know, it’s ridiculously exciting when you acquire something new for your Pokedex. Whilst travelling between the two destinations via Dewsbury Road I found a Jigglypuff, also if you’re from Leeds; how many Pokestops are there in Beeston? Seriously?! I’m astounded, also slightly disheartened to discover that the pub my friend had her wedding party at a week ago is actually one of the many Pokestops.. I could have been stocking up on much needed balls at the same time, dammit!

Modelling Clay - £3.75
Paint Brushes - £3.50
Acrylic Paints - £3.00
Liquid Latex - £8.00

All of the above were from Hobbycraft and I’m extremely enthusiastic about using them soon for an upcoming post, keep your eyes peeled!

Crunchy Tasty Cup - £4.00 each
Muffins - £2.25

I got two of the cups, of course, one for Echo and Eden to share and the other for Lennon. I can assure you this is fair, since Eden is already overweight due to being a lazy lummox! They’re SO big, smell delightful (can I actually be a rabbit, I want a taste!) and honestly well worth the money, I’d have expected something like that to be £8 at least, not £4 per cup. The muffins are for my little babies, Chase, Chance and Jeremiah! Mommy couldn’t buy herself treats without bringing anything home for her children now, could she?!

Jumper - £8.00
Skull Vest - £1.00 
Heels - £16.00
Wrapping Paper - £0.90 each
Mascara - £2.00
Liquid Liner - £1.00
Eyelashes - £1.00
Lip Liner (Wine and pink) - £1.00 each
False Lashes - £1.00

Of course no shopping trip is complete without a trip to Primark and considering that my current mascara and liner is almost completely used up it were actually a requirement! The jumper has a beautiful fleece lining on the inside which is perfect to snuggle up in and the vest has astounded me, with the original price of £5 but being marked down to £3 in the sales it were already a bargain, so to arrive home and discover that actually it only cost me £1, well I’m speechless! The heels I simply adore, I have the same pair in a brown colour but when I saw these in my current favourite burgundy colour, well I have two words - MUST HAVE!

Cartilage Rings - £9.00

Due to losing my lip ring earlier this year and since then losing a lip bar also, I really needed to purchase a replacement. Claire’s do have lip bars but I wanted a ring specifically therefore I’m cheating a little and opted for the cartilage rings instead, since there’s barely any size difference at all. Whilst doing so an impulse notion formed inside my head... What about getting my cartilage pierced whilst I’m here? Within seconds I found myself looking at the different studs available, choosing my birth stone and somehow appeared in a chair ready for the piercing to take place. Of course depending on the jewellery of choice this presents a difference in price, I’m really happy with mine. No, it doesn’t hurt, I barely even felt anything and it’s just cute as a button, or a birth stone, whatever. Gotta love spontaneity! Oh and I received a 20% reduction in the earrings due to a voucher given to me after the piercing, therefore shaving off £1.80 from the total of the rings.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - J.K. Rowling
After You - Jojo Moyes
Fool Me Once - Harlan Coben

Do I ever have a haul post without a couple of books thrown in? The above are all of course, as usual, from Asda, with After You and Fool Me Once being a part of the 2 for £7 deal. I’ve wanted to get my hands on After You for SO long therefore seeing it there, just waiting for me, it were perfect and an absolute necessity! Speaking of necessity - Harry Potter. I simply had to, didn’t I? This enchanting example of course isn’t included in the 2 for £7 deal, obviously, and is retailing at Asda for £10.

Is there anything of which caught your eye? Have you been pondering any piercings yourself? If you’d like to ask any questions then please don’t hesitate, likewise if you’d just like to chat then I’d adore that too! My apologies for a less talkative post today although I’m sure you’re able to appreciate the reason why.

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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