At Last! Beautiful Books and Time to get Involved!


Two things today, firstly a mini book haul, it’s been a while, right? Secondly - the perfect opportunity to get somewhat involved with an upcoming blog post.. I can sense a poll coming along!

The Santiago Sisters - Victoria Fox
See Me - Nicholas Sparks
Precious Gifts - Danielle Steel
All About The Hype - Paige Toon
All were in the 2 for £7 deal at Asda!

It’s been an incredibly long time since I published my last book review (to read this please see ‘My Map of You’), due to the current chaos of which is my life recently I’ve also found that it’s been just as long since I’ve had the chance to relax with a good book! This greatly perturbs me but fear not because I will sample a book again very soon and I want you to help me decide which! Below are the blurbs for each of the above books and I’m holding a Twitter poll to determine the next on my reading list, of course this means one thing... Book review!

Is there anything in this list of which you’ve been wanting to read yourself? Now is your chance to get me to give it a test drive first! Be sure to head over to my Twitter (@Disaster_Davis) and get voting, the poll will close in seven days, on Tuesday 9th August at approximately 7:40PM GMT .

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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