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It’s been aeons since my previous monthly favourites post, since May, in fact! Due to this I am feeling rather pumped up about the notion of now sharing my current obsessions with you. Afterwards, why not check out my past favourites posts listed below?

MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NW13
Quite surprisingly, to me, is that MAC has managed to sneak back into my good books. A while back I found myself starting to hate this particular product, in hindsight I think I most definitely have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it, where because I’ve been using it for so many years I arrive at a point every now and then where I simply get bored beyond measure. I felt before as though the coverage weren’t as up to scratch as it could be or previously were, although now it’s a different story. I know it’s definitely just me, because this is the same bottle as I were using before, therefore it has nothing to do with a different formula or other such example. I often find I can’t wear this continually throughout the year, too, as a different humidity has a different reaction with this and my skin. Anyway, less of this drivel and more about why it’s re-entered my life! I mentioned the coverage just now, which I have to say is really good, though so it should be for a high end and pricey product! I aren’t required to use very much though, which is definitely a plus point as my studio fix I’ve found has always lasted me a considerable length of time. I’ve found that this product blends really easily, which means it cuts down a little on my application time! This has to be a bonus, right? It may have been a little forced as my Max Factor Face Finity is running scarily low, but I can cope with the situation for now, MAC is currently treating me well, after all. 

Bourjois Liner Feutre - 14 Noir Moka
I’ve mentioned the Noir (11) shade in a past favourites post, these liners are definitely well loved by myself, being used for absolutely every make-up look I ever create! This particular shade however, is used for my brows! It may seem a little odd to use a liner to fill in brows, but so be it. The precision from using a pen liner is extraordinary and the colour of this particular product I feel matches my brow colour really well. The liner stays in place perfectly and doesn’t require any form of setting gels, what could be better? I’ve definitely got a bit of a love affair with my brows since using this product - I can’t get enough! 

Sleek i-Divine Sunset 568 Palette
I feel as though I’ve mentioned this palette quite a lot in recent posts, probably because I’ve been experimenting with it so often! I’ve become spellbound, there are some incredibly bright colours in this palette and due to the pigmentation being insanely epic it results in one of the best colour pay offs that I’ve ever experienced. It’s an absolute joy to use and I’ve definitely been trying out some new looks with this of which I probably wouldn’t have attempted before, the bright shades simply excite me immeasurably. For an idea of some of my recent eye looks created primarily with the Sunset palette, please do feel free to peek at my posts #BeautiesOnFire - Bold is Beautiful and #BeautiesOnFire - Summer Lovin’, finally, the quality is also of an excellent standard. 

Make-Up Revolution London Eyes Like Angels Palette
I undoubtedly swear by this brand, I can’t recommend it enough and I adore this palette for the same reasons as above! It has an outstanding quality and pigmentation, additionally a larger quantity of colours included ranging from mattes to shimmers and brights to neutral, of course providing endless creative possibilities. 

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick - Iris
I feel like this is potentially the holy grail of lip products, I’m in actual love with it, literally. It has a remarkably creamy texture meaning it glides on smoothly, the colour is to die for and not only does it look and feel great but it smells delightful and tastes incredible, too. It’s actually rather hard to keep on purely for this reason! 

Make-Up Revolution London Baked Highlighter - Golden Lights
Golden Lights is an intensely bright highlighter, absolutely perfect for the brow bone and inner corners of the eye, especially. It's super pigmented and remarkably pretty, although I have to warn you to be careful when applying this, as a little definitely goes a long way due to the sheer intensity of the pigmentation!

Boohoo Apricot Dress
You’ll have seen this already in my recent post First Impressions - 5 Reasons why I adore Boohoo. I were initially worried about this particular number due to the fact I don’t usually get on well with clothing items requiring the lack of a bra! It’s definitely a rather daring piece, yet when I tried it on I absolutely fell in love. The quality of the material is impressive and it’s rather thick, whilst also feeling ridiculously comfortable. I adore both the style and colour of the dress, I simply can’t get enough of it. Despite the lack of bra, I somehow feel as though the dress manages to be rather flattering to the figure regardless, which is of course a bonus! It’s certainly showed me that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, speaking of which....

The One We Fell In Love With - Paige Toon
I thoroughly enjoyed this read, so damn much. It revealed surprising twists and turns throughout and simply elicited a roller coaster of emotions. I don’t want to say too much as I’m pondering writing a review on this work of genius sometime, would this be of interest?

Do we have any of the above loves in common? Please share your own delights in the comments below as I adore trying new things - it could very well become a shared fixation! If you enjoy discovering what my addictions are then please leave me a like or better yet, a follow!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x 

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