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Alrighty then, normality shall resume after the recent events and changes being nicely out of the way! However, if you haven’t already then please do feel free to head on over to my YouTube channel, I’ll be uploading again tomorrow! As for today I'm excited to be giving you a review on a small collection of products.

Up until this point I had yet to use Sleek products therefore after receiving some for Christmas I were really excited to get playing with them! I'm amazing at misplacing things and have a lack of organisation to a superlative degree, therefore after re-discovering the above treats I were thrilled to be finally testing them out!

Blush - Antique 142
This product actually made an appearance in my recent ‘March Favourites’ post. I didn't go into too much detail about the blush in that post purely for the fact that I were planning to write this up soon after. There are many things I like about this item, hence why it has secured a place in my current top spot in blush products! The size is perfect in regard to getting a good swirl with your brush, the pigment is just right, it definitely gives you enough colour pay off but can be built on for a more intense look. The product applies like a dream and feels perfect on the skin, what’s more is the colour is stunning! It’s a beautiful dark dusty rose with a slight shimmer, I’d say this is more on the bronze side rather than blush and for this reason I use Antique as added definition for my cheek bone contour, rather than a stand alone blush. I have found the case to be really hard to open though, which is a pain in the royal rear end! I always find myself looking for an earring to wedge in the clip part of the compact in order to get it open. Warning, do not attempt to use your teeth to open this, you will destroy them! 

Eye & Cheek Palette - See You At Midnight 028
The antique blush is actually included in this palette, which I find rather odd as there’s already an individual one within the set, though because of my adoration for Antique it really doesn't matter to me personally! Pomegranate is an incredibly bright and very pigmented blush which definitely needs some blending! The small brush included I found to be a little rigid, but I use it to apply the product where I’ll be wanting it and then blend it in with one of my fluffy face brushes. On the topic of brushes there’s of course a sponge applicator brush provided for the shadows - I never use these. I find them a total hassle, one of which I can do without! The shadows are from the Vintage Romance I-Divine and there are some lovely colours included. The gold shade doesn't have quite as much colour pay off as the other three, it’s still very pretty though. Of course depending on both the brushes used and if a primer has been used, that will then determine the type of end result you’ll get from this palette, the shadows will be likely to crease after a while but the initial finish is gorgeous! I have to say that the case is much easier to open on this one, due to not having a clasp!

I-Divine Sunset Palette 568
Again this is an easy opener, despite being a clasp fasten! This is a twelve shade palette and has some extremely bright colours inside, my favourite of these being the shade ‘Afterglow’, which is a very vivid orange. There’s an exceptional pigmentation and colour pay off, especially on the brighter colours within, this palette has the potential to create amazing and vastly diverse looks!

Gloss Me - Phoenix Rising 25
Phoenix Rising is an outstanding glittery purple toned brown colour, although it comes off very easily and I’d recommend testing out a matte lipstick underneath. The gloss has a wand applicator and proves to be distinctly difficult to apply. Considering this reason, the gloss would definitely require a lip liner to be used in conjunction. Unfortunately this product is something of which I will be unlikely to use frequently. 

Have you tried any of these for yourself? What are your favourite Sleek products? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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