New Additions and Twins Galore!


I'm literally so exceptionally enthusiastic about the topic of today’s post! There’s been birthdays and new additions in the Davis family, with twins everywhere! I couldn't be happier right now and I've been itching to write this one, although it’s considerably distant from the fashion and beauty world.

Firstly, Birthdays! Three years have already gone by since my beautiful Echo and Eden graced the world and my life with their angelic presence. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone, it feels like only yesterday when they were so incredibly tiny, since they had their own babies six months later and just everything else collectively. I cherish every last moment of which I've spent with them, although the time has passed by at such an alarming speed, one of which makes me feel especially uncomfortable. I don’t want to ever be without them and knowing that I’ll have to someday means that I’d like to discover a way in which to slow time down substantially or pause it entirely! Saying all of this about ‘pets’ may seem a little overboard to some, however those of which know me will realise just how much my fur babies really do mean to me. They’re not simply ‘just a pet’, they’re a part of my family and are, in my mind, my children. There’s nothing that I wouldn't do for any of them, they mean the world and more to me and definitely light my life up to an unfathomable degree.

Looking back at old baby pictures of both Echo and Eden is surreal, watching them grow day in and day out means not typically noticing all of the changes as they advance, exploring the pictures is when realisation dawned on me of just how much they have changed, how larger they both are, where have my tiny babies gone? I fall in love with them over and over again each day, they make me continually proud and bring me joy and happiness in abundance. Their birthday were on Tuesday (19th) and due to the slight tinge of sadness at them getting older, I celebrated in a way that changed and expanded the family!

Yes that’s right, another twin set! I've been bonding a little on every visit to my local pet shop, with two adorable little African Spiny Mice! They were born on November 11th last year and have been in the pet shop for some time now. I felt so bad for them being there for so long and I have zero ideas on why they haven’t been snapped up yet because they’re the cutest little cherubs full of fun! They would have become a part of the family a lot sooner although there were nowhere to keep them in the house, I'm a little over run as it is! My Mom were finally worn down however and said on Tuesday that if I could find a place for them, then I had free reign to bring them home. This meant I were on a mission, I simply HAD to find a space somehow, therefore I created one out of thin air! It weren't long before I were back at  the pet shop, buying a new cage to set up at home, before popping back down for my little boys. They’re so fast, bombing around chasing one another, as quick as lightning. These two bundles of energy were up to mischief constantly after bringing them home, checking everything out and being extremely inquisitive, playing with one another and looking for attention from their Mommy, of course I were only too happy to oblige. I still can’t take my eyes off of them and it has somehow made my feelings grow for ALL of my babies. The Davis house somehow feels much more complete with the latest additions. Chase and Chance fit in around here instantly and I've most definitely fallen in love yet again. They’re the cheekiest little guys and bringing them home certainly took a little of the edge away from the fact that my biggest babies are growing up.

Do your own fur babies elicit the same emotions within you? I’d love to hear about your own bundles of joy so do feel free to leave me a comment below. I never tire of hearing about babies of any species.

With Love, Stomps and Squeaks,
Disaster Davis, Echo, Eden, Jeremiah, Chance and Chase x

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  1. I had a rabbit when i was younger called floppy, just loved her running round the back garden on a afternoon after school. welcome to the new additions they look cute

    1. Thank you for your comment, Robert. Aww cute, do you have any pictures of her? They're the most adorable and entertaining little guys ever! There's definitely never a normal moment in this house any more with Chase and Chance around, they're insane!


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