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Hello again! Wow it feels like an eternity in which I were last posting here! As will be blatantly obvious to followers of this here blog, I haven’t posted anything for over the last few weeks. Anybody of which has also been keeping tabs on the YouTube channel will have noticed the fact that the channel has resembled a barren wasteland, too. So just what exactly has been occurring?

Firstly, YouTube. I haven’t thrown in the towel, although I am going to be leaving it a little while longer before I get going with more uploads. I've had so much to contend with already this year and I've been so incredibly busy that I've been unable to aim any focus towards the preparation for the channel and as anybody on YouTube will know, having a new channel and being a novice really does require some form of forward planning, being well equipped for the venture is something that I feel I would additionally need to strive towards. As I say there have been no towels thrown, the notion isn't abundant, simply on hold for a little while until the current chaos within my life settles slightly.

As for the blog, we can thank my utterly delightful (this is indeed sarcasm) internet provider for the privilege of this one! I did keep Twitter followers updated with this situation, however that’s the only social media platform in which I kept anybody aware. I couldn't get onto the internet for some time, which meant that of course I couldn't upload pictures or anything to my blog. Personally I prefer to do my blogging from my laptop rather than another device such as a phone or tablet, I simply find this fits me much better and is easier to navigate. Due to using my camera for many of the pictures I take for the blog, rather than my phone, this of course means that I then need the use of the internet in order to complete my posts. I'm sorry if anybody thought I’d been abducted by aliens or something, but I’m back now, yay! As I promised on Twitter, I will be posting a back log of posts of which have been missed, which means there will be an accumulation of posts firing out from all angles in the coming week.

I hope the absence of Disaster Davis hasn't perturbed anybody too much and I’d like to thank the people who have been contacting me throughout expressing their upset at missing my publishings. It’s always especially heart-warming to know that there’s people of which genuinely enjoy reading what I have to say. Thank you for both your support and patience.

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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