Bridesmaids & BBQs


I'm not sure the two words used for this title are the most often used together but it is what it is! Read on if you've found yourself a little baffled by the above and all shall be revealed!

I'm unsure if I've mentioned this yet (only numerous times tehehe) but I've been chosen to be the maid of honour/chief bridesmaid for my High School best friend! Hannah must be utterly insane... Oh, wait! Of course this means that the time would come where myself, Hannah and the other bridesmaids were required to venture out and attempt to find bridesmaids attire for the big day, since this is also pretty much the very last thing left to do as I have never met a bride to be more organised than Han! Together we took to Leeds in the hope of finding inspiration, with the only real aim at this point being to try out different styles of dresses with the intention of finding out what does and doesn't suit us the best. We toyed with a mix of styles, in any colour available, and luckily found that we were all in agreement over our dislikes and preferences. There were some surprises and of course whilst there were dresses we delighted in there were indeed some rather questionable garments available also. All in all, everything sailed along rather smoothly and with an added crafty trip to a pub for a refuel! The only disasters we encountered were the evacuation of the Trinity Centre whilst being stranded on the top floor, Hannah seemingly attempting to wash a table at the pub with her pint, of which she had yet to drink from, lastly myself getting stuck in a dress and having to be rescued by none other than the bride to be herself. Some use I'm going to make as her right hand woman!

Once our shopping had come to an end we then parted ways with plans to meet again in a few hours time at Hannah and Kallum’s house for a BBQ! Before long we were all back together, with a much larger amount of alcohol, stuffing our faces in the garden, also with the guys in tow. The weather had surprisingly done us proud and it were a delightful evening, some of us got rather merry and I speak on behalf of all when I say that we had a fantastic time together.

Absolutely nothing beats sharing a great evening with quality people. I only knew Hannah to start with and have now found myself included in a group of fantastic people, we expanded a little more again recently to accommodate Chris who has nicely slotted himself amongst us, this of course now means that I have both him and Hannah ganging up to abuse me over our shared High School memories. Who needs enemies, ey? Those gremlins.

What memories have you made recently and what events do you have to look forward to? I do hope I have provided some form of entertainment due to my inability to partake in a tolerable photograph!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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  1. You're writing is like a breath of fresh air, so upbeat and makes me as a reader feel good! Keep up the good work!

    1. You have no idea how much this comment has made me smile, thank you SO much! I'm so happy that you feel this way about my writing and it's a truly beautiful thing for you to have said. Have an extraordinary day!


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