April Favourites


It’s that time of the month again where I collect together all possessions of mine of which have elicited my particular interest and excitement. Of course, this would have been posted at the very end of last month, if you haven’t already then you are able to read about the reason for this delay on my previous post ‘What’s up? What’s the 411?

Collection Eyes Uncovered - Nude Grey Palette
This product has phenomenal pigmentation! Of course this results in a large amount of expected fall out but that doesn't overly inconvenience me, I mean, we have hacks or face wipes - right? The colours included are all perfectly wearable for both daytime and at night whilst being of a superb quality. Eyes Uncovered is literally used by me just as much as my Urban Decay Smoky palette, if not more as this is currently my definite ‘go to’ eye product. As with easily 90% of items, I don’t use the sponge applicator of which is included although everything else about this product I absolutely adore!

Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 - Beige 55
I'm utterly obsessed with this, although that’s the ultimate understatement. I've even stopped using my MAC Studio Fix Foundation due to the discovery of this exquisite creation, which is thrilling for me considering the alarming difference in price. Minimal product is required when using this in order to achieve high coverage and an extremely flawless end result. I don’t wish to give too much away here as I have a much more in depth review of this planned to follow shortly, however in the mean time I can’t recommend this product enough!

Bourjois Liner Feutre - 11 Noir
Previous to this I had yet to use a felt liner therefore I have nothing else to compare this to. I have however found this product to be especially helpful for creating both the lower part of my wing and my upper lash line due to the exemplary precision provided by this pen. It has to be said that a careful hand is still to be used though and the mindfulness to not make mistakes, as the staying power of this product is crazy! This Bourjois liner has immense durability and longevity, lasting overnight and even into the next day!

That’s it for this past month, there hasn't been many items on my list although the products which have pleased me have proven to be entirely outstanding. I hope there’s something new in here for you to try of which will enrapture you as much as it did myself. What new fixations do you have? Do we share any of the above in common?

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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