The Single Girl's To-Do List


It’s been a rather substantial amount of time since I last posted a review of literature, hasn't it? Lets remedy this now!

As is apparent going by the title of this post, today’s book review is on ‘The Single Girl’s To-Do List’ by Lindsey Kelk. When doing what we’re always told not to, judging the book by it’s cover, I found it to be pretty and aesthetically pleasing - it definitely portrays a girlie vibe. The blurb worked wonders for reeling me in with the use of a slight list and promising me both romance and adventure. To myself, it sounded like a very fun, current and modern read which would be easily enjoyed by women of a wide variety of ages and probably some guys too - lets not go all stereotypical now! I were excited indeed to immerse myself in the fun frolics alongside Rachel, Emilie and Matthew, whilst learning just what it is that a single girl is to do!

From the start it were evident that this book would be an incredibly effortless and enjoyable read, particularly perfect for those long summer evenings or holidays, with a cool, fruity beverage to hand. The characters were undoubtedly relatable and I personally loved the fact that the main character, Rachel, had such a substantial obsession for lists, due to this I were provided with instant relatability. The chapters were short enough to avoid potential boredom, keeping the story moving at an appropriate pace and the storyline were especially realistic in that Rachel were in a typically normal everyday situation. Descriptions were kept concise which in my opinion were just right. I did notice that an assumption I made originally turned out to not be the case, I’d expected more, well, lists! I had thought that the chapters would maybe be titled with a new task on the list, which would have also been a great way to break up the different plot points, in fact the chapters were simply numbered.

When all is said and done this book proved to be an entertaining read, following themes of friendship, self discovery, change and of course, romance. I felt a few times as though the story weren't really getting started up until around the fifteenth chapter, although I feel that’s probably got more to do with myself and my current wanderlust rather than the book itself.

Have you perused this yourself yet? What were your thoughts? I’d definitely recommend this to any new singleton or somebody of which is getting a little bored of their single status, it’s just the reminder required for the realisation that you should be putting yourself first, living by nobody else’s rules and to get in the moment! Experience life and all it has to offer, be wild and free!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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