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If you are yet to have read my original version of the most worn cosmetics tag then please feel free to head on over to “10 Most Worn Cosmetics Tag”. Due to it being a long while since I last completed this particular post I felt that a lot would have changed with my usual make-up routine by now, I for one find it to be a rather interesting concept as to just how much has altered in that time.

1. Most worn lipstick/lipgloss: 
Make-Up Revolution London Lipstick in Nude

2. Most worn eyeliner:
If you have read my previous post “My Everyday Make-Up” then you will be aware of the fact that I use a lot of different eyeliners, looking at my previous answer to this I’d chosen my Rimmel Kohl Liner in 071 Pure White, I feel I have to change my answer this time around though. Based on the flawless winged look I'm able to create with my Bourjois Liner Feutre in 11 Noir, I have to settle on this!

3. Most worn mascara: 
Model's Own HyperEyes Mascara steals the show here, I love using this underneath my P.S, Love Ultra Black Volumising Mascara, however on some days when going for a really light and natural look I skip the P.S, Love all together!

4. Most worn eye-shadow: 
This is easily my Collection Eyes Uncovered - Nude Grey Palette

5. Most worn concealer: 
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair 1, however I only use this for my under eye area now, as my current foundation is my main concealer. 

6. Most worn foundation: 
Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 foundation in the shade beige 55. 

7. Most worn (finishing) powder: 
George Silk Finish Pressed Powder - No. 2 Nude

8. Most worn blush: 
Each and every time, Sleek Antique - 142. I'm utterly obsessed!

9. Most worn bronzer:  
Bourjois Highlight and Bronze Duo 55, I'm so ridiculously happy with this product, particularly the bronze shade!

10. Most worn nail polish: 
Now that I'm actually allowed to wear nail polish and false nails at work I've been making the most of this and going a little wild. I currently have French manicure acrylics, although with colours I constantly change it up depending on either my outfits or mood!

Clearly everything has changed since last year, I'm rather surprised by this as I didn't realise just how much my everyday make-up had differed. I used to rarely change my make-up, using certain products for consecutive years without branching out to try anything new. After astounding myself with my new answers I’d love to see your own, therefore don’t forget to leave me a link to your own in the comments below!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x 

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