May Bank Holiday Shenanigans!


During the May Bank Holiday weekend there were somewhat an influx of birthdays. Firstly, my best friend Riley’s, followed the next night by another of my best friend’s, Sarah! Wrapping all of this up on the Sunday with a date night it proved to be an especially hectic and pleasurable weekend indeed. I felt it would be rude to refrain from sharing the fun!

For the first night of craziness we were town bound and onto Leeds it were, to indulge in a fun filled family and friend karaoke night in the Merchant, followed afterwards by additional drinks at my cousin’s flat. Since Riley is a bit of a novice when it comes to venturing into town on the evening hours, I were given the responsibility due to my best friend position, to both decide on a plan and ensure he enjoyed his night, getting rather merry in the process. Taking into consideration the fact that he nodded off on Steph’s sofa before suddenly sprinting to the toilet in order to vomit that of his own body weight, I’d assume that I succeeded in this endeavour! I certainly had a whale of a time, the weekend got off to a cracking start!

Dress - Primark
Heels (seen at bottom of the post): Primark
Watch: Bertha
Ring: Pandora
Bag: Primark

The Saturday were then devoted to Sarah’s birthday celebrations and saw our group through pre-drinks at Lee’s house before heading to town for a night of Attic based antics! ‘Propaganda’ is a personal favourite of mine with regard to ‘club nights’ and it has to be said that I thoroughly enjoyed sampling my many ‘Jedi Juices’, a cocktail made of course in honour of May 4th.

Jumpsuit: Primark
Shoes (bottom of the post): Primark
Earrings: Lovisa
Watch: Bertha
Ring: Pandora
Bag: Primark

After plenty of dancing, drinking and a generally fantastic night with a ridiculous lack of sleep and at a crazy time in the morning, I have literally no idea how I felt alive enough to finish off the weekend perfectly with a date night, but I somehow did! I’m not about to kiss and tell, although we started our evening off with drinks in Headingley, which were a welcome change for myself and I had a lovely time. I failed to take any photos of myself that night however the picture below is taken from another night this year when I wore the same outfit.

Leggings: Parisian Collection New Look
Sheer Top: Warehouse
Shoes: Primark
Jacket (not pictured): Primark
Choker: Primark
Watch: Bertha
Ring: Pandora
Bangles: Primark
Bag: Primark

I can say for certain that I had a spectacular May Bank Holiday. How were yours? I’d love to hear all about it.

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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