A huge Davis disaster!


A quick update post to let you know what is going on right now, a post to speak of a colossal disaster of absolutely dire proportions!

So things have been super hectic for me right now anyway as it’s obviously been Christmas, I have a tonne of December birthday’s in my family and friendship circle then on the 27th I celebrated my own also.. Somehow I’ve managed to keep on top of my posts but if you’re following this here blog then you may have noticed that I missed my upload date on Monday (28th), I have the post right here saved in my text documents, I even have the photographs to use in the post. I am however having trouble with something else of which is DAMN TECHNOLOGY!!! I’ve attempted to store my photos onto my laptop, y’know, as you do. This is where the fun starts, my memory adapter has decided it wants to play silly mind games and is refusing to work for me, thus meaning a lack of photos. I’m hoping this will be fixed ASAP and that I can get my posts out to you as soon as I’m able to, until then I wanted to assure you that I haven’t ran off to live with a wild tribe or sold my soul to Satan for a box of Lindt chocolates (although that’s very tempting), I’ll be back VERY soon and until then will be bombarding fellow blogging friends of mine with constant comments on your posts!
I hope you will sit this one out with me until the issue is dealt with and that we can continue as normal after this hiccup, I’d be most disheartened for you to leave me now! Thank you for understanding and I look forward to coming back with a vengeance shortly! Until then lets keep in contact via my social networking platforms, I’d love that!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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