Hidden Treasure!


Whilst rummaging around my bedroom for something I stumbled upon a hidden gem! Behold a very old yet very exciting find, a make up palette consisting of powder eye-shadows and blusher!
I have searched up, down, left, right, forwards and backwards on the internet for this palette, mostly to see if it’s so old that the brand has died out or if it’s actually still being manufactured. It seems that the brand is no more, along with the palette – as I can’t find it anywhere! When I say this is old, I mean that I stole this from my Mother when I were in my early teens then forgot I even owned it, my Mom doesn’t wear make up and hasn’t for an incredibly long time, so I’d estimate this at being at least 30 years old! I know, I know… There’s many of you that would scream at me telling me not to use make-up if it’s so old because it probably has a use by date or something, oh well. I don’t stick to the conventional rules of make-up, I do my own thing, therefore I’ll be using it!
I haven’t played with the palette yet, but I have swiped my finger lightly in one of the eye-shadow colours to see how pigmented it were and I were delighted with my findings. It seems this is a very pigmented palette, which excites me beyond words. There are of course drawbacks to pigmented products as well as positives, I love me a pigmented eye-shadow though! For me there’s nothing worse than getting ready to go somewhere, finding the PERFECT colour to use on your eyes and putting it on to discover it appears several shades lighter than in the packaging, it’s soul destroying. If I’m going to use colour I like it to be as seen in the packing so that I can visualise the colours as they are before putting them on my face and risking the need to start again or go over the top with different products.
Does anybody else have this palette lurking in their homes somewhere? Has anybody found this little treasure online or in a store and knows where it can be obtained? It would be handy to know the answers to these questions because I’m enthusiastic to try this palette out and if I like it as much as I anticipate then I will be wanting to purchase this or something very similar at a later date!
As always, get chatty with me! You can reach me on any of the social media links of which are listed at the side of this post and I’d love to hear from you all!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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