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Uh oh. I may be developing an obsession for shopping again! In the past week or so I have been to my local Asda store on another book binge, as well as having a mini spending spree with my friend, Riley, last week. If you wish to uncover the magic within this haul then simply grab a butterbeer and fly further into the post!

First up is Asda, this includes both my local store and the larger store of which I visited with Riley. I thoroughly enjoyed leisurely wandering through the larger store as there is of course much more space and numerous items stocked, therefore resulting in a considerably broader scope for choice. Obviously a paperback blowout had to occur, though I did manage to reign myself in long enough to purchase other assets also!
Offer: 2 books for £7
Bared to You – Sylvia Day
Reflected in You – Sylvia Day
Entwined with You – Sylvia Day
The Stranger I Married – Sylvia Day
Scandalous Liaisons – Sylvia Day
Passion for the Game – Sylvia Day
In the Flesh – Sylvia Day
Who Are You? – Megan Henley
Our Song – Dani Atkins
Prodigal Son – Danielle Steel
How to be Single – Liz Tuccillo
The Single Girl’s To-Do List – Lindsey Kelk
Bridget Jones’s Diary & Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason – £5
Definitely Maybe – £3
The Big Wedding – £3
The Other Woman – £3

Lindt Limited Edition Strawberries and Cream – £3.50
My favourite chocolate brand, with Valentine’s Day being yesterday I just HAD to get myself some of these beauties, I of course picked up a second box also, as a little Valentine’s treat for my Mom. I could have never let a limited edition Lindt go without sampling it first! Since I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day with my Mom today, I will be sampling these in the evening during a Bridget Jones and take away binge, I can’t contain my elation!
PJ Bottoms – £6
These are quite possibly the fluffiest and cuddliest pyjama bottoms I have ever felt, I’m entirely smitten with these. Not only are they incredibly comfortable but have you seen how pretty they are? These can be purchased online in a different length leg, I find this to be really helpful for those of which are taller than me, although these are just right for my short ass!

Riley and I made a ‘quick’ stop off at Primark, despite the fact the poor lad hates the place. He surely loves me for putting him through this form of personal torture time and time again. I’ve almost ran out of my P.S, Love under eye concealer, therefore only wanted to pop in and out briskly with the intention of purchasing a new one. Unfortunately they only had them in the shade ‘tan’ which is far too dark for the under eye area in my opinion, and is generally way too dark for my face at the minute – we’re still in winter after all! I were disappointed that there were no ivory shade but I instead spent my money on a collection of other items!

Playsuit – £5
I adore these types of playsuits and find myself buying more in a range of patterns every year. Primark always do them and they fit perfectly, they’re loose enough to provide space and breeziness for warm, summer weather, whilst cinching in at the waist to add shape. The material is very lightweight which as I say, is perfect for the more pleasurable weather!

Joggers – £9
These are super comfortable, just like my other recent pairs. These are also a unique colour which I adore (the picture has unfortunately not brought the correct colour out, they are a green tinted turquoise) and have “Brooklyn New York” printed vertically on the left leg. As anyone that knows me (or reads my blog) will already be aware, anything American I happen to adore, harbouring a particular fascination with Brooklyn.
Workout Vest – £5
Due to continuing with my recent health kick, so far, I figured I were allowed a treat directly pertaining to the current weight loss. Whilst this vest is the perfect example of the achievements and hard work, it’s also made from a lightweight and airy material and is in a colour I happen to appreciate. This simply had to come home with me. The slogan “excuses don’t burn calories” is a simple yet productive and motivational reminder to stick to my plan and continue seeing results from doing so. This vest is appropriate for being used for both general use and workouts.
Elephant Tee – £6
Another obsession is of course elephants and the colour of this tee is distinct whilst being a colour I don’t already own. In general I find this tee to be attractive to the eye, I love this and it were evidently affordable. There will be sufficient use from this tee.

Hogwarts Pyjamas – £7
What is not to love about these? They’re maybe a little inadequate in relation to the weather at this current moment, depending of course on a different person’s home and heating levels. Regardless they’re perfect for the summer and they’re quite frankly, adorable. I had to have them as soon as I saw them. They’re a mixture between pyjamas and underwear, providing ample space and movement. These days Primark tend to merchandise PJs separately ,which can be a huge pain when you consider the prices added up. These were together though, being a slight shock in itself, especially when added to the fact that it’s Harry Potter. It were a welcome discovery indeed.
Hogwarts Socks Pack of 3 – £2.50
Yes, more Harry Potter – and I love it! I don’t have much to say on these aside from the fact they’re awesome, there’s three lots of them, they’re standard length, Harry Potter themed and did I mention awesome?
Albus Dumbledore Quote Tee – £7
I’m smitten with this for so many reasons. Firstly it’s again, Harry Potter themed, and Albus is epic. Secondly it’s made in my current favourite colour and thirdly, the quote from Albus is incredible. It’s 99% definite that it’s my all time, preferred HP quote, it’s both profound and inspirational.
USB Powerbank Keyring – £6
A very practical purchase! I constantly find my phone dying on me right at the most crucial times. A while ago Riley suggested that I invest in a powerbank, he has one and he told me all about it, it sounded pretty good. The thing is, I’m hopeless when it comes to remembering things, I of course kept forgetting to search online for one. When discovering this by chance in Primark it were obvious that I needed to buy it. I think it’s probably a rather lame thing for me to say, but I’m actually excited to use this. For those of who are reading about one of these for the first time, this particular one will apparently work with any camera or phone that has a USB port, Riley has said that his powerbank typically gives him around 50% charge though this probably depends largely on which device is being charged, also the health of the battery initially. These are simple to use, the powerbank firstly needs charging, using the USB method, this could either be via another device, such as a laptop, or through a usb connector plugged into an electrical socket. Once it’s been fully charged you are then able to use this to charge your device and all that needs to be done is to connect the powerbank to your phone/camera also via the usb cable. Simple and effective. All I need to do now is remember to take my usb cable and powerbank with me literally everywhere.

As a result of Primark failing to have the shade ‘Ivory’ in the P.S, Love under eye concealer, I of course needed to then take a quick trip elsewhere. I remembered that a number of people have had a fantastic experience of using the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, therefore presenting me with an ideal opportunity to test this out for myself. With that, I headed straight towards the nearest Boots with the intention of seeking out Collection. Unfortunately I can’t remember the prices of these items and have been unable to detect my receipt, they were however nice and cheap. There may have been offers on, too. Considering that I’ll be providing a review of these items at a later date, I will simply list the products, for now.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair 1
Collection Naturally Matt Foundation – Cool Beige 3
Collection Pressed Powder – 01 Candelight
Collection Primed & Ready – Pore Minimiser 1
Collection Primed & Ready – Eye Primer 1

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With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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