Bertha Signature Betsy Watch


Today I simply wish to appreciate a lovely little gift I received for Mother’s Day from my three beautiful fur babies! They must be getting an incredible amount of pocket money because in the mail this weekend, (being my usual unorganized self I placed the order late) I received my Bertha watch from the Betsy Signature collection!

I aren’t usually much of a watch person but as you probably know by now I’m absolutely obsessed with elephants, and Bertha watches are flawless! I literally can’t think of watches better than these. They’re so unique and pretty, with such a wide range of different collections and colours to choose from there’s something for everyone. The watch looks almost exactly as it’s pictured on the website, only differing due to the photograph not picking up the detail fully, as the background has a breathtaking pearl style finish. This also is so ridiculously comfortable to wear it’s just unreal. The colours are incredible, the design is unique and absolutely stunning and it shines beautifully, too. If I’m ever able to find a bad word for these watches then I’ll be sure to divulge although I don’t hold out any hope of the occurrence! So they may be a pricey choice but hey, the quality is unparalleled and this rare high end treat has excited me beyond words - who can put a price on a very well deserved treat?

Have you either been treat or treat yourself to anything spectacular of recent? I’d love to know what has stirred invigoration within yourself, lets chat in the comments below! If you would like more information on these watches then click here.

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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