The Fault In Our Stars: Book Review


The Fault In Our Stars, a 313 page book of genius written by award-winning John Green and published by Penguin, now a major motion picture. In these deeply thought-provoking and heart wrenching pages of unarguable brilliance, we meet a group of young people living with cancer, some curable and some terminal. Hazel is content enough to spend her time watching TV shows and staying in, whilst her mother requires that she attends a weekly support group with the hope Hazel will explore life, making the most of what she has left. Through attending this support group, however exceedingly tedious, Hazel gets more than she ever bargained for.
The Fault In Our Stars takes the reader through an abundance of various emotions, captivating from the off. The story of a terminal girl of which you can’t help but to feel for. Despite the despondent perspective of which is expected, this unparalleled story takes the reader through great sorrow, frustration, anger and loss; alongside joy, hope and love with added amusement.
I were recommended to read this book by my niece and I were glad that I had, I have read nothing like it before and believe me I am an absolute bookworm. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this pure excellence and implore everybody else, all of you, to pick this up for yourselves! I have to say that I definitely preferred the book over the film, which isn’t surprising as I usually prefer books to films anyway. Seriously – If you haven’t already then read this, it’s a definite thought-provoking piece of great magnitude. Expect tears!
As I have stated previously, this blog will often have posts other than that of beauty and fashion related, I will cover a wide spectrum of topics. Today I brought this book review to the table! I’m aware both the book and film have been out for a while now, regardless I felt the need to slot in my own thoughts on this highly popular work. There are often times people who are late to read or view a new piece, this is backed up by the fact I own ‘Grey’ but am yet to have read it due to my monster collection of books all screaming at me to read them, therefore I hope that this review has been enjoyed by somebody or even proven helpful in some way! If you’ve already read ‘TFIOS’, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to chat with you all.
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