The Two C’s Haul: Cosmetics & Clothing!


There’s barely anything to really say here, I went on a spontaneous shopping trip today with a good friend, I had decided that I wanted to pick up a few little bits for Halloween but of course, I just HAD to spend more, failing to get everything that I went out for primarily. I’m rather excited about the purchases I made, therefore without further ado, let’s begin..
All of today’s cosmetics were bought from Primark. Some items I am re-purchasing and others are completely new to me. Feel free to ask questions about anything you may be interested in knowing more about.
Liquid Lipstick (red – 13): £2
Liquid Lipstick (nude – 10): £2
Lip Liner (red – 03): £1
Lip Liner (nude – 01): £1
Liquid Concealer – Ivory: £1.50
Volumising Ultra Black Mascara: £2
Eye shadow & Concealer Brush: £1
Sultry Lashes: £1
Vaseline: £0.90
Hair Grips pack of 50: £1
Brush: £1
Backcombing Brush: £1.50

I decided to include my under garments in here, now that might not be to some people’s tastes and some people may have a problem with this. It’s each to their own and if you don’t agree with it, well I aren’t forcing you to look. I am however showing my purchases how I have bought them, including typical clothing items or that of underwear – after all, it’s only material and shopping. I have no issue with this or with anybody else who shows these items, likewise I have no problem with people who personally choose to not include these items in their hauls. I am merely allowing others to see what I have bought and providing information on these items thus enabling others to know where they too can purchase anything they may want themselves. Please respect my right to this decision. Again everything I bought were from Primark, aside from the boots which I purchased from New Look.
2 pack bras: £8
2 pack thongs: £4
2 pack bras: £8
Bra: £8
Thong: £3
3 pack black tights: £3
Fashion tights: £3 each
Thumper tights: £5
Jeans: £15
Shirt: £8
Boots: £19.99

Again, if anybody would like to know more about any of these items then please don’t hesitate to ask, also if anybody would like the cosmetics reviewing I’d be happy to do that also. I hope nobody took any offence to the inclusion of underwear in this post and if you’d like to see more hauls in the future then let me know by leaving me a like! P.S, how cute is Thumper though?
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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