Shopping and Gelato Date


Hey hey my lovely! So I engaged in a charming catch up date with my niece a few weeks ago. It were absolutely delightful and we had a really great time. Of course what catch up between Aunt and niece is complete without a spot of shopping?

Amber lives out of Leeds due to going to University, therefore because of this and both of our very hectic schedules it’s often really awkward finding a suitable time to meet up. Finally we managed to though, as it’s been ridiculously long overdue and I can safely say it were a really lovely and very much enjoyed day for the both of us. We had many laughs together and started out with a bit of shopping. Amber were on the hunt for a specific outfit to wear for a night out that weekend and I were simply browsing, more accompanying her if anything, obviously that didn’t stop me indulging a little myself! We browsed through a range of shops, either buying bits and bobs here and there or simply browsing and pointing out things that the other one would like. Of course we had a LOT of catching up and chatting to do and amongst our perusing we stopped by a lovely little Gelato shop located in the Leeds Trinity. The shop is called Joe Delucci’s and I have to tell you that it were absolutely magical! I felt like a child picking out different flavours of ice cream, adding toppings and making the choice of cone or dish, it felt so exciting. I love how things that aren’t often experienced tend to feel that way because of the novelty. The tasty treat were gorgeous and I definitely made a meal out of it, savouring every last bit, although I’m incredulous with shock at the fact I managed to not decorate myself in it. I shan’t complain about that however!

Amber took me to some shops of which I have failed to notice before, being the rather unobservant person of which I am, Paperchase were among these. Paperchase is a delightful stationary shop with literally so much choice within the items it’s unreal. There’s cards, folders, notebooks, diaries, pens and pencils, alongside of course a huge array of other stationary odds and ends. I got rather excited by the collection of novelty rubbers as I used to have a tin filled with cool rubbers when I were a child. I should still have it somewhere, unless I forgot to bring them with me when I moved house five years ago. I hope I didn’t leave them behind, they were so unique! We also popped into the Thornton’s shop where my niece redeemed a Turkish Delight freebie from 02 which she then gifted to me, this were very much appreciated. I love Turkish Delight and oh my gosh, Thornton’s - yummy! It’s safe to say that it went down incredibly well with my evening brew! At the end of our blissful day together we then parted ways at the train station, where she were to be back on her way to her term time home at university. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day with my angel and I will now also find joy in sharing my purchases with you. I’m especially excited about a few of these!

Double Duvet Cover Set
Primark - £11
Firstly what I wish to say is, how amazing are the prices for duvet sets in Primark? I have honestly never known anything like it! They’re all so pretty and there’s always a great range to choose from, I could go wild on cover sets in that place, it’s an absolute steal at £11! This particular one I found to be so cute and printed upon it is ‘I will make better mistakes tomorrow’, I feel as though this is a refreshing reminder that there is always another day for us to do with as we please. You can take this however you will, personally I take this to be a rather motivational and uplifting thought! Although the colours aren’t showing as wonderfully in the picture as they do in person, it’s mostly white with grey and pink and is also reversible. 

Grey Fitted Bed Sheet
Primark - £5.80
Although I have a multitude of sheets already, I somehow don’t believe I have a grey one and if I do, well you can never have too many, anyway! If you’re already buying a duvet set it’s only right to get a matching sheet at the same time. 

Knitted Knee High Socks
Primark - Was £2 now £1
These are knitted therefore feel thicker than the standard every day sock. I absolutely adore knee highs therefore at the bargain price of £1 I had to pick up this absolute steal. They’re a lovely oatmeal colour and look so pretty! 

Lip Liner - Wine 13
Primark P,S Love Range - £1
I’m seriously in love with this liner! I aren’t sure if it’s due to being new but this somehow seems much more precise than my other’s from this range, also it’s in an utterly stunning colour! I have such an obsession for burgundy and wine colours at the minute therefore this were an absolute must have purchase. Current favourite liner! 

Topshop - £28/£25.20 with 10% Student Discount
THIS IS THE BEST EVER! I’m so excited by this playsuit, can you tell? Do you know that notion, love at first sight? Yeah it’s possible, definitely for clothing at the very least! I saw this and had to try it on, then when I tried it on I HAD to have it. I haven’t had an opportunity to wear this yet but can’t wait until I do so. Because of the fact it’s a rather thin material due to being classified as beachwear, this means that wearing a bra or bikini is absolutely necessary. This delights me because I find it impossible to go anywhere bra-less, it’s simply not an option for me, ever. This is however, low cut. Anybody who knows me will know that I do like to bare some skin now and then and have wanted something this low cut for a very long time yet have been unable to due to the no bra issue. With that covered, the playsuit is a halter neck tie and has a decorative detail to the front. Often I find that playsuits fail to cover a person’s butt cheeks adequately, in this instance that isn’t the case. This fits perfectly and is absolutely to die for, I’m eager to wear this at almost every given opportunity. Thanks again to Amber for the use of her student discount. A better example of how it looks is below, although please do excuse my socks and such! 

I hope you have relished in my acquisitions and account of the day as much as I have in documenting it. If you enjoy my haul’s then please let me know by leaving a comment below! What did you think to the more chatty narration this time? As always it’s been a pleasure!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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