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Hello m’darling, as it’s ‘Motivational Monday’ here on the blog and it’s a few weeks into 2016 I thought now would be a good time to check in with the elusive new years resolutions. If you would like to familiarise yourself with my previous resolutions post of which I published on new years eve, then here it is: “Reach your Resolutions!”. Surprisingly, I’ve got off to a really good start.

1. Be happy and become more mentally stable. 
This is definitely a work in progress and something I always strive to achieve, I included this on my list of resolutions however in order to be more aware of it myself and because I need to learn to start putting myself first. As a naturally selfless person this is an incredibly hard thing to do. I wanted to try new things that could help towards stabilising myself mentally, of which I have already either started to do or have plans to attempt. My next resolution correlates well with achieving this one, though I have also put myself out there to hopefully receive more professional help, I’ve made a decision about my job which I feel can only be a good choice and I’ve been creating a little more time solely for myself by going swimming, allowing me to get away from other people and distractions. Although I’ve not wanted to leave the house recently (a great explanation for that can be found in my recent post: “Defeating Depression & Attacking Anxiety”), I have made it my mission to still get at least ten minutes of sunlight every day by sitting in the garden whilst planning bloggy bits and bobs or reading. I will admit that most days I haven’t done this, but it’s definitely increased. I’m in the process of recovering from a rather large breakdown therefore it’s only expected that this can’t be put right overnight! Spending more time with my pets certainly helps!
2. Get Healthy. 
Now this one included looking at my diet, how much I exercise (or didn’t) and my sleeping pattern. I had planned many things for this including drinking more water, watching what I ate, ensuring that I didn’t have crazily unhealthy foods all of the time and that I cut out the comfort eating, as well as having a set wake up time and going to bed earlier regardless of if I could get to sleep or not. I’m ecstatic to say that I’ve been doing REALLY well with this one, when every other year I’ve failed within the first few days. Whilst I’m doing this primarily for the health benefits both emotionally and physically, I’m also thrilled to say that I’ve managed to lose weight already in the process! If you’re trying to lose weight right now and would like to know what I’ve done to achieve this then please do feel free to request that I write a blog post on my journey so far.
3. New Skincare Routine.
Yeah it’s safe to say I’m not doing as well with this one. I clean my face morning and night with baby wipes and my Mom bought us each some micellar cleansing water which I’ve also been using once a day. Due to being house bound recently I haven’t had the need or desire to wear make-up therefore that will surely be doing my skin a favour. I do still need ideas of a good exfoliator and such though, therefore if you have a recommendation then please pop it in the comments below!
4. Tidy & Organised.
Like with the getting healthy, I’m definitely improving big time with this one too! I’ve blitzed my bedroom and have been keeping up with putting things away after making a huge mess of clothing, make-up, bags, shoes etc. I still have a long way to go as there’s the insides of my wardrobes to tidy out and some cardboard boxes to empty, but I’m getting there! Organisation has definitely improved, if this also has anything to do with the fact I’ve been a recluse I don’t know, oh well. I’ve been using my 2016 diary as my bible, jotting down everything I need to and checking ahead of things to make sure I’m prepared for stuff. Due to putting a better routine in place and improving my sleeping pattern it also means I’m much more productive and organised when it comes to completing every day tasks around the house – freeing up more time to spend on my blog or clearing out the cobwebs from my mind. It will be interesting to see how I fare with this one once I’m back at work.
5. Learn to Drive!
This has been a non-starter for me so far, although only because I will need to use my ID very soon. As soon as the 25th of this month rolls around I will be sending off my provisional for it’s necessary address changes (it’s a little ridiculous that it’s taken me five years to do this), then it’s full speed ahead with hunting down an instructor and booking my lessons. I guess if I wanted to I could get looking now but y’know, I’m great at procrastinating and such.
6. Get my first Tattoo!
Last but not least is to get my tattoo. I have been planning this for nine and a half years now so I have figured why not wait a little longer? The tattoo I have planned has an extremely precious sentiment behind it and later this year will be the ten year mark of said sentiment. This resolution won’t be completed until September 27th, until then it’s mega money saving time, of which I’ve already been working on!
All in all I’m really proud of the things I have achieved already this year, I’ve never started out as well as this or even stuck to it for as long! How are you doing with yours? Leave me a comment below and we can motivate one another!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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