March Favourites


I’ll be keeping it short and sweet this time as there isn’t a whole lot being added to my list although I simply had to share these new favourites with you, it would be a crime not to as I’m feeling rather animated about some of these.

Bourjois Highlight & Bronze Duo - 55
If you read a previous post of mine ‘Model’s Own, Boots, Select and Asda Haul’, then you will already have known to expect the inclusion of this item in today’s post. At first I did think of this as a little more pricey for a drugstore product although after using this a lot since and falling in love with it, I feel that the £7.99 is completely justified. You are after all getting two products in one so this could be thought of as £4 for each product, which isn’t bad considering. I do prefer the bronze to the highlight, though I’m happy with both. This product smells absolutely incredible, is it just me or does every Bourjois item have the best fragrance imaginable? It makes putting my make-up on even more fun simply for the smells being emitted from the products! Due to it being set up as a chocolate bar, it of course has a chocolate smell, this isn’t over done at all and would definitely be good enough to eat, if only it were a real chocolate bar! I’m happy with the pigmentation of the bronze shade as it’s a perfect in between, it’s not ridiculously light but it’s not too harsh or dark either, this can be of course built onto if needed although I find the pigmentation to be absolutely spot on for the majority of my contoured areas. I feel the highlight isn’t as well pigmented, though it’s lovely all the same. I tend to use this to highlight my nose where I don’t like there to be too much of a shine, I then use another highlighter for the other areas. Both the bronze and highlight blend in easily and leave a flawless finish, this is now my go to duo included in my everyday make-up routine. 

Sleek Blush - Antique 142
I don’t want to go into too much detail about this item purely for the fact that I’ll be publishing a post in the next few weeks with a full review of this alongside other Sleek items. I do have to say however, that I’m really enjoying this product! The colour is unique, like nothing else I own, it blends well and has exceptional pigmentation. I’m loving using this as a top up for my cheekbone contour. 

Make-Up Revolution London Lipstick - Purple/Wine
You will have seen this already in my advent calendar review at the start of this year, I loved this particular lipstick then and have very recently rediscovered my adoration for it. After pairing this together with the below product, I have somewhat fallen in love. For a more in depth review of this lipstick please read my post ‘Magical Make-Up Mysteries’.

P.S, Love Lip Liner - Wine 13
This is a fairly new purchase of which I first wrote about in the post ‘Shopping and Gelato Date’. The P.S, Love Lip Liners are so inexpensive and I’m so excited by the fact that they’ve been stocking a wider range of colours recently. I adore my purple and burgundy colours therefore had to pick up a liner in the ‘wine’ colour. I use this mostly with the above lipstick and the two are literally perfect together. To read a little more about the liner than what I have wrote here, please read the post of which I just mentioned. This is cheap and cheerful and does the job it’s intended for, bargain buy right here. 

Anna Sui ‘Rock Me’
I have already wrote about this on the post ‘Glorious Gift Haul’ therefore you can find out a little more about it there. This is a gorgeous scent and one of which I’m really enjoying recently. I have found myself wearing it the most now rather than any other time. I can’t get enough of this stunning and refreshing scent. 

Burgundy Pumps
Like with the Bourjois duo above, you will have seen these in my last haul post ‘Model’s Own, Boots, Select and Asda Haul’. I have always had a love for canvas style footwear and these will be perfect for the nicer and dryer weather to hopefully come soon. They are made with a thin canvas although this offers increased movement and ventilation, of course, these are also in the best colour possible. Due to my obsession with burgundy, these match up with SO many different items of clothing. There’s not much else to really say, these are cheap, cheerful and are already getting worn excessively. 

Floral Headband
Again included in my last haul post were this lovely little item, more can be read there but let me assure you that this is a fantastic little accessory indeed. Headbands are such an easy way to dress up even the most rushed and basic of hairstyles in order to make it appear as though some effort has been put in. I adore this, it’s so pretty and feminine, perfect for the spring and summer! 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this month’s favourites despite being a little brief. Do we have any in common? What are your current favourites? Maybe you could inspire my next purchases! Of course, be sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming Sleek review!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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