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It’s that time again, when everybody tells the world that they’ve had a lousy year and then proceeds to saying that it’s pointless to set any resolutions as they’ll never stick to them, or there’s those of which will set them without a real plan in mind or something incredibly vague. I’m going to be different and today’s post is about embracing the coming year with wonder and taking full advantage of the golden opportunity to both set and strive to accomplish goals, whilst being thankful of the positives and negatives of the past year. Read on if you wish for inspiration, motivation and to generally make the most of and celebrate life for what it is! Lets all help one another to find ways of building better lives for ourselves and smashing our goals into the back of the net with determination, gaining fulfillment. No matter what our dreams and goals are as individuals, make a promise to yourself to resolve to reach your full potential!

So this year hasn’t been the best for me, I’ve had family situations to deal with, lost close friends and been the target of abuse from groups of people, depended too much on vices to help me ‘cope’ and experienced both previous and new symptoms relating to my mental illness. None of us, I’m sure, will have had it easy and there’s always somebody out there who has it worse. We must always focus on the positives and only use the negatives as fuel to strengthen us and to learn from. The flip side to my year is that throughout I have battled, cutting back on said coping mechanisms and vices (of which only served a purpose of making me feel worse in the long run), I’ve stood up for myself in so many situations no matter how hard that’s been for me, made new and genuine friends or rekindled friendships of which I’ve had all along but not been quite as close to or put as much effort into the friendship before or in recent years. I’ve learned more about picking up on when I need help and have forced myself to accept that sometimes I do need to reach out and get that help – that I can’t do everything alone despite having the curse of a prideful personality. There’s been some incredible memories made this year and many laughs have been had, I became the mother of my youngest fur baby, Jeremiah and of course started this blog! I’ve kept going, kept fighting and I’m still here – we all are! So lets learn and grow from the past year then leave the negatives behind only carrying with us the positives.
The beautiful thing about goals is that what’s perceived as failure is merely just a learning curve, something from which gives us an increased chance of success for when we try again. Resolutions are never a bad thing even when they haven’t been mastered as it’s the perfect opportunity to reinvent ourselves and change the things that we’re unhappy with. It takes courage and bravery to go for our goals but the main point of them is purpose. Who are we if we don’t have dreams? We become a simple shell with no motivation or desire for anything and that is not living, that is not being alive! As long as we have dreams we have something to live for. We should of course be pushing ourselves to get better all year round but the New Year is a pleasant foundation from which to start from in my opinion because if this is the year we finally make these things happen then won’t that be amazing to look back on at this time in 2016? Maybe your goals are big or small – it doesn’t matter, only that it’s personal to you and is something which you honestly and truly want. Tasks, dreams and goals are much more easily attainable when it’s something we have an interest in and a passion for, when it’s something we feel inspired by. This is because it will act as an instant motivation largely eliminating procrastination and is something we will put our all into as it’s something we are captivated by. Don’t simply put up with what you have if you yearn for more, go out there and get it. Have a little faith and achieve your dreams, you can do this!
It would be a little unfair of me to not share my own resolutions after all of this, although this may also benefit me by doing so as I feel by publicly sharing these it will somehow make me feel as though I’m being held accountable for them and will aid as a motivation tool, I could use all the help I can get as some of these I have come back to time and time again already. We may well have this in common and if we don’t have the same goals then this could potentially inspire your own resolutions if you are yet to have this figured out.
1. Be happy and become more mentally stable.
This is obviously a very personal thing for me and because of it being so in such a substantial way this also means that it’s going to be incredibly intricate and challenging. I could write a vast amount about this as it’s something of which takes up such an extensive portion of my every day life however, I feel this post isn’t the place in which to do so. I’m huge on the whole positivity and self improvement vibe because aside from my illness I have a very happy and positive disposition, due to this I’m constantly working on this goal already on a day to day basis and have put so much work and effort into achieving it. I feel that there will always be more that I can do and I will continually strive to do so, I guess this is kind of vague without going more in depth but lets say this – that I want to minimize any low and desolate states of being and increase the highs to create as near to the best 2016 as is possible.
2. Get Healthy!
Again this is extremely vague and we really mustn’t be vague with our goals because it creates the likeliness of giving in easier due to having not pin-pointed exactly what we are wanting and how to go about getting it! The reason for my vagueness with this though is due to the fact I have so many things I want to do of which all fall under this category! I’d like to get fitter – not necessarily to lose weight although that would be a welcome bonus, but because I find myself fatigued so easily from the slightest amount of physical activity, considering the fact that I’m only 24 years old that’s quite concerning – I should be in my prime! I also want to make small changes to my diet, again for the health benefits. Whilst I don’t have the worse diet there is I do know that it could improve and due to currently working in a fast food restaurant this means shoving greasy burgers into my cake hole on a regular basis. I never used to have any problems although I have noticed since re-joining the store (I worked elsewhere in between leaving and coming back) that my body seems to be intolerant to unhealthy foods and I find myself ill much more often as a result of this. There are so many other reasons and benefits associated with a balanced diet of course such as faster metabolism, improved sleep and more, the list is quite extensive. I don’t wish to cut out everything but rather put things into moderation and cut out my episodes of comfort eating. Another huge thing within this is to regulate my sleeping pattern, this is going to be hard to do considering I work a range of shifts although I never get enough sleep and it’s getting rather tedious now! I’ve needed medication in the past because of my terrible sleeping habits, which has still failed to help in any way. Of course all of which I’ve mentioned here are contributing factors towards either a positive or negative impact on mental health with regards to potential chemical imbalances particularly, hence why getting these points in check is of tremendous importance to me.
3. New skincare routine!
I say new but I guess this would be more like introducing one to start with! I use wipes to remove my make-up and to clean my face morning, night and when I feel it needs it at any point in between. Sometimes I use a facial sauna and I use face masks but rarely. I’m so lazy with my skin care and I don’t want to be. I guess I’m pretty apprehensive with respect to trying new products or using too many on my skin for the fear of a bad reaction or increase in acne because I suffered badly with this in my teenage years. This has improved dramatically although still effects me especially when I suffer from break outs either at the feminine time of the month or when under increased stress and pressure. If you have any product recommendations or tips for improving my routine then please let me know! I usually have quite an oily skin type other than in the winter months where I seem to be very dry/flaky yet oily at the same time! I will also admit that I’m not the best when it comes to removing my make-up when I’ve been out drinking which is so bad! This year I’m going to make a greater effort to remove all make-up every time and to clean my brushes more too!
4. Tidy & Organised.
You may think that I’d be organised already due to having a blog – you’d be very mislead. This is the only thing I have ever been partially organised with in my entire life, every other aspect of my existence is in complete chaos. I’d like to change this and my best friend bought me an incredible 2016 diary of which I intend to use as some form of bible! I’d love to tackle tidiness as I’m a little bored of sleeping in what resembles some form of prehistoric abandoned ruins!
5. Learn to Drive!
I’ve been intending to do this since I turned 18 years old, that is now six years ago and is honestly rather ridiculous! There’s no doubt about it that I’d easily get an award for the world’s best procrastinator!
6. Get my first tattoo!
I’ve been holding off on getting any tattoos reason being the one I have planned for my first is especially important to me. I have a reason for the design itself and the placement of which I want this, the only thing that has been stopping me is finances however this year marks an anniversary directly related to the tattoo itself and the whole notion, consequently after ten years I feel that this year is notably greater in importance. 2016 is THE year!
You may think these are simple or silly, you could of course think that they’re well thought out and great ideas, though none of this matters as these are my goals and have a reasoning specific to myself, the same should apply to your own. I’d like to share a mixture of further ideas with you to aid with your own resolutions if you’re feeling a little stuck! Therefore behold a list of 50 resolutions for a prosperous 2016.
1. Get Fit
2. Improve your diet
3. Learn to meditate
4. Learn a new language or skill
5. Go back to college 
6. Keep a journal
7. Practice gratitude more
8. Spend more time with loved ones
9. Make gifts rather than buying (the same can apply to cards)
10. Limit time spent online (though not with regards to my blog please tehehe)
11. Change your career
12. Travel more
13. Learn to meditate
14. Start a blog/YouTube channel
15. Doing something for others – such as charity work
16. Give genuine compliments to others
17. Face your fears
18. Quit smoking/drinking/substances
19. Adopt! This can go for children or pets.
20. Learn to cook and cook fresh more!
21. Join an acting class (or any of your choice)
22. Write a book
23. Start your own business
24. Spend less, save more
25. Become less/more selfless
26. Make time for yourself
27. Discover a new hobby
28. Drink more water
29. Read more
30. Accept yourself
31. Move home/buy a house
32. Use lists to your advantage
33. Stop procrastinating
34. Get outside more often
35. Un-clutter your work space or home
36. Practice self improvement such as becoming a nicer person
37. Validate and appreciate others
38. Quit judging yourself and others
39. Listen more, speak less.
40. Back up your devices (it may sound silly but I’ve realised how important this is recently!)
41. Try everything once (within reason of course)
42. Reconnect with an old friend
43. Learn to be in the moment
44. Get regular health check ups
45. Accept help!
46. Spend some time alone to learn more about who you are
47. Treat yourself
48. Don’t let the opinions of others define you
49. Follow your dreams
50. Reflect & reinvent
I hope this post will help you in some way, either to inspire or motivate. I’d love to hear what you have planned for the year ahead so get in touch then we can support and cheer on one another too. No matter what you have in store I wish you the greatest 2016 imaginable, my blog is only three months old tomorrow and already it’s brought me so much happiness and purpose – I want to thank you so very much for supporting me and providing me with a happy place in which I can be myself, you are the best and I’m so truly grateful. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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