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Hola hermosa (the Spanish for hello beautiful), I hope you have all had a simply joyous January, mine has certainly been filled with some surprises, if you are already a follower (this is indeed a very strong hint to hit that follow button, maybe even indulge in following me also on a vast array of options of which are located at the bottom of this post), then you may well have already experienced my ‘2015 favourites’, these types of posts prove to be popular and I thoroughly enjoy reading or watching other people’s myself, so why on earth not share with you my items of excitement for the past month? I wonder if we have any likes in common!

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette
This is so widely talked about and I’m sure you’re probably bored of hearing about it now for both this reason and the fact that it’s a high end product, thus meaning it’s rather pricey putting it modestly. I couldn’t fail to include this in this months favourites though. Why do I love it so much? The colours included are all wearable both throughout the daytime and evening hours, they’re versatile and you’re able to create a vast range of looks with them. The product is of outstanding quality and feels like silk to apply, additionally it proves to be long lasting. Finally the double ended brush I am undoubtedly in love with. The smaller end is a precision brush perfect for applying highlight to the brow bone, adding colour to the eye’s inner corner or for crease work. The fluffy brush is perfect for smoking out any colour and is incredibly soft. The whole product is a dream to use. This has already been included in a previous post ‘Glorious Gift Haul’ alongside many other products, if you haven’t already and would like to read a first impression review of this product and more then please do so, of course, you may want to finish reading this post first.
Make-Up Revolution London Lipstick – Nude
You can read a little more of an in depth first impression review of this on my post ‘Magical Make-Up Mysteries’, this product is outstanding for reasons such as being a perfect nude colour which looks amazing alongside my P.S, Love lip liner, it’s surprisingly pigmented and is wonderfully long lasting. It doesn’t tend to smear off onto everything, despite the fact that it’s incredibly moisturising. This is my favourite all time nude lipstick to date, not just for the month!
P.S, Love Lip Liner – 01 Nude
This lip liner is my favourite because of the colour, easy application and lack of smudging. Somehow this liner seems to apply and appear more attractive than the other I own in red. I’m not sure why this is but it compliments the above product perfectly, leaving a flawless end result. In conclusion to these reasons, it’s both a cheap and cheerful item!
P.S, Love Under Eye Concealer – Ivory
Definitely my favourite concealer to date, it works fantastically at covering up imperfections and doesn’t feel as though it’s clogging up my skin in the same way other products do. I had a slight accident recently and this worked perfectly to lightly dab over the injuries on my face, appearing as though I hadn’t been bleeding just before. I feel as though this product doesn’t cake and due to having a wand applicator it’s extremely easy to use. There’s a fantastic amount of product, I’ve had this easily for near on a year now and I also often use this to highlight. Furthermore, it’s a bargain buy with it’s budget price!
Revlon Nail Polish – 732 Rebel Graffiti
I adore this, it has a unique effect which looks incredibly pretty on the nail, it can be used alone or as an overlay – looking sensational both ways. The consistency is thin and I’ve found it to dry quickly.

LyDia Cosmetics Brushes 24 piece set with case
Also making an appearance in my gift haul were these brushes. You can read more about them on that post however there are brushes in particular of which I’m enjoying. The large face brush is of considerable size and incredibly soft, perfect for a quick and light dusting of powder to set my make-up, whilst the smaller powder brush I love to use for blending in my highlight, concealer and blush. The eyebrow brushes feel sturdier than my others and this gives the feeling of a more precise application. Next is the flat ended shadow brush which I use to contour my nose in conjunction with creating a defined crease line on the eyelid as the precision is remarkable and the brush is the perfect size for both tasks. Finally you can never have too many eyeshadow brushes generally and there are differently shaped and sized shadow brushes in this kit to produce a multitude of impressive looks.

Tesco Medicated Shampoo
This may seem like a rather strange thing to include in my favourties but let’s let it slide. I’m not usually one for paying much attention to the shampoo I use, however this has startled me and definitely grasped my attention. The shampoo feels absolutely amazing when washing your hair, you can hear it squeaking every time without fail and it really does give an intensely deep clean, it also serves to reducing the feeling of a tight scalp. Afterwards the hair is strikingly shiny and exorbitantly soft. I have noticed though that knots in the hair are in an abundance but this for myself is a small price to pay considering the depth in which it’s cleansing the hair and scalp, although by using conditioner this is easily rectified. A little extra information, this product doesn’t test on animals and has B5 vitamin. B5 vitamin is beneficial for many reasons of which with regards to hair care being that it boosts the water content, enhances elasticity and is essential for both hair growth and health. Whilst a deficiency in B5 generates hair loss, it has lead me to assume that for anybody deficient in B5, that by introducing more of this vitamin that it would help with the regrowth. I would however do your own research into this rather than quoting my mere assumptions, I am not an expert in the wonderful ways of the human body.
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
I’m unsure if this is having much of an effect on my skin however I can say that this product leaves my skin feeling exceptionally clean and refreshed after use. It takes the remnants of my make-up off effectively and doesn’t leave me with the clogged up feeling of which I’ve found many other products to do. It goes without saying that I’m enjoying a water based cleansing product a great deal more than others. Also this product is hypo-allergenic for those of you out there with sensitive skin.
Impulse Body Spray – Charli XCX Rock & Love
For a brief yet better worded review please read my post ‘Glorious Gift Haul’. I love this scent because it’s in the handy body spray form for a quick spray of fragrance, it smells fantastic and doesn’t need to be constantly re-applied as the fragrance is durable. I love to wear this if I’m going out somewhere, with it’s kick ass rock vibe.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this post, if that’s the case then please do leave me a like and/or a comment, feel free to go wild and share this post with other’s if you found it especially helpful, this way I will know to continue sharing these with you. What has stood out among the crowd for you in the kickstart to 2016? Did any of the above feature in your list? I’d love to know your thoughts, leave me a comment below!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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