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It may be appropriate for me right now to consider rehab for my ever developing shopping obsession, I’m turning into a first rate purchase monster! The following items are from the past month collectively, of course not including that of from my previous haul “Shopping and Gelato Date”. On reflection there doesn’t seem to be much here although this is due to the fact it’s my Mother’s birthday soon therefore my shopping focus has been on stock piling her birthday presents, rather than too many treats for myself!

Burgundy Pumps
Select - £7.99
A pair of simple canvas style lace up pumps in burgundy. There were also other colours available but as we probably all know by now, I’m a little obsessed with this colour! Whilst the material on these is rather thin they’re extremely comfortable none the less! 

Floral Headband
Select - £3.00
This headband, as you can see, is pink with roses on made of a mesh type material and it’s stretchy in order to fit all. I find this to be incredibly feminine and pretty, I can’t wait to get some use out of it especially now that we’re getting closer to the summer months! 

Owl Pendant
Select - £5.00
I’m in love with this pendant! It’s on a very long chain and the body of the owl has been made with individual metal ‘feather’ attachments resulting in a unique piece. These make a slight rustling sound and did I mention already that I’m in love with it? It’s so cute! (Emma, if you’re reading this, hands off woman!) 

Collection Eyes Uncovered - Nude Grey Palette
Boots - Usually £3.99, NOW £2.99! 
Firstly, I had previously read and seen on other blogs and YouTube that these are considered a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 1 or 2 palette, I’m not sure which one and I haven’t had either of those specific palettes. Owning a Naked Smokey myself however and knowing typically what level of quality and such these palettes boast, I can give a slight opinion on this. Whilst this palette only has six colours as opposed to the Naked palettes which have twelve, the colours are indeed very similar. I also have to agree that the quality of the Eyes Uncovered palette is amazing and incredibly surprising. I of course am still in love with my Naked Smokey, I adore that palette, it’s my baby. I have to say that I’d probably choose to buy another of the Eyes Uncovered palettes before splashing out on either of the Naked 1 or 2 palettes from Urban Decay, though. The price difference is insane considering the absolutely astounding quality of the Collection palette. I am SO impressed with this. 

Bourjois Highlighter and Bronzer Duo
Boots - £7.99
You may have seen this already included in a post I published last year, “Stockings and Sacks - Christmas Wishlist!” and I now own it! Whilst it does seem rather pricey for a drugstore product, I went ahead and gave it a whirl regardless. I don’t want to say too much about this because it will be featuring in next weeks favourites post, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!

‘Rose Gold’, ‘Pink Fizz’ and ‘Hot Chocolate’
Model’s Own - £5 each or 6 for £20!
I don’t have a bad word to say about this store or their products, I honestly don’t. I only discovered Model’s Own properly last December and since then I have been obsessed! Not only with the nail products but other cosmetics, too. I have good news on that note, they’re due to launch a larger cosmetics range in store! I’m so excited about this, they will have literally everything imaginable, from foundations and concealers to bronzers and highlighters. This is looking to be phased in sometime in the next couple of months and I’m definitely keeping my eye on this, ready for a healthy splurge! Model’s Own seem to always have some form of offer on, recently it were 3 items for £10 and has now been switched to 6 items for £20, which will be including the larger range of cosmetics. They still give out buffing blocks as freebies which is great as you can never have too many! 

The Rose Gold is a chrome effect finish and pairs up beautifully with the Pink Fizz glitter polish. I adore this combination! The Hot Chocolate is a hyper gel which I personally think is rather obvious as to what finish this leaves, it’s pretty much a gel finish without shelling out for expensive gel polishes and dryers etc! The gel effect polishes last such a long time and alongside these purchases were also the item below! 

Hyper Gel Top Coat
Model’s Own - Usually £8, NOW half price! 
I have to admit that at it’s usual price I would be unlikely to buy this product due to it being in my eyes, rather expensive. For £4 I couldn’t really go wrong however as it definitely does a better job than standard top coats with regard to longevity of the nail products used. This eradicates chipping and vastly reduces the chance of any nail breakages. For anybody wanting to try out this product I’d definitely grab the bargain whilst it’s on offer! 

Books Deals!
Asda - 2 for £7
This offer also includes any two pack book deals, therefore meaning I got three books for the bargain price of £7! This deal is pretty much always on at Asda and is one of which I always fail to resist! The books I acquired are listed below.

Cathy Glass - Cut (Two book pack)
Cathy Glass - The Silent Cry (Two book pack)
Danielle Steel - Country
Jackie Collins - The Santangelos
Debbie Macomber - A Girl’s Guide to Moving On

As always it’s been a pleasure for me to share my finds with you, has there been anything of which has grasped your attention? If you would be interested in a review of any of the above books then please do let me know and of course, don’t forget to keep an eye out for next week’s monthly favourites where I will be featuring the above Bourjois item!

With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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