Disaster Davis Strikes Again!!


Welcome all to my crazy little corner of the internet! You may call me Davis, I’m a twenty something year old from the not so sunny UK! I decided I’d jump into the realm of blogging amidst the insane amount of already really talented bloggers out there for a few reasons, such as;

  • I love writing, I’m always doing it and I wanted a neat little space for this creative outlet.
  • I will be blogging about things that excite and inspire me, either things I would love to learn more about in the process of blogging or things I have partial or vast first hand experience in, therefore I’m wanting to both learn from others and help concurrently.
  • Additional to the previous point, I would love to communicate with and potentially make friends with like minded people within the community!
With that covered, what will we find on my blog I hear you yell?! I’ll admit, it will probably arrive at the point where it seems I’ll have too much varying content on here to pin-point to a specific niche. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle will no doubt be the most widely recognised description, although I will be often including pet care (I currently am the proud Mother to three fur babies, two rabbits and a Syrian hamster), book reviews and crafty bits or self improvement ventures!

I have had a small blog previously which I were unable to get off of the ground, purely due to the fact of my intense fear of posting anything or not being ‘good enough’! I have however been working on lots of things personal to me for some time since and without further a-do I am back and Disaster Davis Strikes Again!!!
So I may have had an unfortunate experience of the most mortifying and dire levels. I’ve been talking to a guy for a while via a social media application, everything were just peachy and what not. One evening I am relaxing on the sofa in my living room aimlessly scrolling through different apps on my phone such as Instagram and Facebook, you know the drill. Whilst on Twitter I partook in what I call a ‘profile hop’ where I wander around the site checking in on friends and such, seeing what they’ve been getting up to recently and generally being nosey! We all do it, right? I don’t know about you but I constantly do this when I get bored and it’s late at night/early morning, I find old work or school friends and people I used to spend lots of time with so it’s just natural to have a little look, so seeing an old school friend I did just that. Whilst on there I noticed the profile of the guy I had been speaking to, you can guess how it goes… Yes, I just HAD to have a little peek to see if it were actually him, those profile icons can be small and poorly pixelated!

I hear you thinking, well that isn’t so bad. I agree completely, it’s what happens next which sent me running for the horizon! I barely looked at anything, it were a casual profile hop with nothing bad or creepy about it, we literally ALL do this, I don’t care how many of you would like to protest, we do.. It’s as if it’s basic human nature that’s been programmed into each of us and social media sites make it all so easy to do! I put my phone down with the intention of doing something else, my phone didn’t like that however. Oh no, not one bit. The devious sly little scrote decided it were the ideal time to play mind games with me and go on a full power trip – it favourited a tweet of his!!! It actually did that, I panicked so bad! I mean, obviously he’d see that in the notifications and likely think of me as a full blown creepy stalker or something, right? I’m an anxious person – I always think of these elaborate things first and in this instance I took the appropriate over blown actions, too! Rather than stopping at just un-favouriting the post, I assumed that Twitter would have told him about the situation regardless, therefore with this notion I decided that the only logical thing to do would be to completely remove my Twitter account in a mad panic!
It’s laughable, really.. Especially as after all of that, I decided to use the whole thing as a conversation starter the next time we spoke anyway, with the hope that I could put it across that I’m not some deranged psychopath and to then reinstate my profile afterwards. The absolute icing on the cake is the fact Twitter never even sent him the standard e-mail regarding someone favouriting his post. I could have gotten away with it all along. Typical! I have definitely learned from this to never trust my phone if I put it down when doing some top secret social stalking, or to maybe lessen up on the profile hopping thing when bored, I’ll maybe paint my nails or something instead!
So that’s all for now, you can all expect two posts a week from me which will be on a Monday and Thursday. I really hope that my name sake disaster situation has proven a warning sign for those sneaky social media stalking tendencies we all partake in from time to time, so that the rest of you don’t have to go through the same Twitter delete panic that I endured, it would also be really nice to think that my first post has been enjoyed by somebody! Here’s an idea, feel free to leave me some feedback and say hello, I want to hear about situations you’ve had which have been like this one! I’d love to hear from you and you are able to contact me at any of the following social media links left below! Remember, these things happen, it’s not the end of the world and with a certain mindset they can be turned from world shatteringly humiliating to a new and amusing story to share with friends and have a giggle about. I have your back!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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