Don’t Fall out with Autumn!


As I’m sure everyone is aware by now (if not, then you’re probably arriving late for work and appointments tehehe) the clocks have changed, meaning that us Brits have gone back to GMT from BST, reminding us of the fact that we’re back in the Autumn and Winter months. Days will grow colder and shorter and for many their moods will wilt along with nature. It doesn’t have to be seen as a negative, however! With Autumn comes some fantastic annual holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, full of love, togetherness and cheer. Lots of good grub, crackling fires, seasonal drinks, conkers, crunchy leaves and a different view of the enchanting nature around us is now in abundance. It can be easy to want to stay wrapped up in our covers and let the world pass by around us but if you get nicely wrapped up, then the world outside of our bedroom is just as enticing. During an often mundane Monday I have today been embarking on a few simple yet uplifting projects to kickstart my motivation and brighten my surroundings.

Creative Claws
First things first my nails needed some TLC and as my workplace is about to have a refurbishment I felt this were the perfect opportunity for a little creativity on my claws. I don’t know what it is about false nails or nail art but I always find that I somehow feel a little better in myself when they’re groomed and looking lovely, do you feel that way too? I opted for a standard plastic false nail rather than acrylic or something to the same effect as I won’t be away from work long enough to have warranted having acrylics, it’s done the same job however but will prove easier to remove when I need to do so.

I found a pack of old nails yet to be used up in a pack, the pattern weren’t to my taste so I decided I would create something on them myself. They may not look like anything spectacular to some but I’m happy with them and they’ve had the desired effect of making me feel a little more put together somehow. When it comes to painting my nails I’m dreadful, therefore I chose to paint the nail before gluing them on, leaving the glitter varnish and top coat for last, below are the exact products I used. I will be doing my first set of acrylics on my Mom sometime in the coming days/weeks, if anybody has any cool ideas they’d like to share for inspiration then please feel free to do so, I’d like my Mom to be spoilt for choice!

Products used:
Old pack of false nails (likely to have been bought from Superdrug/Boots)
Nailene Glue from the Acrylic Sculpture Kit
P.S Love – Purple (This were from a set, product code FB393vColour)
Angelica Nail Polish – Asteroid
Star Gazer – Black 129
Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat
Allura Nail Guides

More Nails – DIY version
Second on my self motivation quest I decided to get to work on some hutch improvements for my beloved Echo and Eden. I always use a tarpaulin cover for their hutch on a night for use as weather protection and as a little hide away from potential predators. If you have read my previous post on rabbit care then you’ll know I’ve been having a spot of bother from foxes of recent. What I’ve done today by no means will protect them from having their hutch knocked over, or will prevent foxes and other predators from attempting to break into their hutch. It will however give me a little in the means of peace of mind whilst weather protecting them.
What I’ve done is simple, I decided to get some spare tarpaulin, chopped it down to size and have tacked it to the hutch around the sides and back, also to the top of their downstairs run area. I will still cover them over with the main tarpaulin piece on a night in order to cover the front, however it provides some protection to the back and sides and added insulation for their home. This is a temporary measure until I’m able to get them moved into my shed. They already seem rather happy with the change and it’s something that took next to no time at all, well worth it I’d say for the happiness of my fur babies and my equilibrium. This has also covered over a side doorway, further adding to my relief.

Making a House a Home
Last but not least I have added some bits and pieces to my bedroom wall, this has been a work in progress for a matter of months where I have been adding things as I find them, such as the odd photograph of college memories or my childhood, along with festival posters and gig tickets. I moved into my current home five years ago in January and I decided rather than decorating my room, to just add bits wherever I felt the need. I love this idea as it gives me the sense of belonging and that my bedroom is my own personal space for the extension of myself. When I’m having moments where I feel a little under the surface I can look at my wall even from the comfort of my own bed sheets and will be reminded of experiences or obstacles I’ve overcome. This is something so simple and to many probably seemingly insignificant but for me it’s that little thing that I often need, reminding me I’m alive and to give me the little push I need to go out into the world and make more amazing memories to surround myself with.
For some of us it can often be a mammoth task in itself just to be able to leave our bed for whatever reason, maybe there’s a huge trauma in a person’s life at that moment, or it could be the symptoms from mental illness. Whatever the reason is I feel it’s important to have constant reminders, especially at these times, that our lives have had great times thrown in there, that whatever you’re currently facing you CAN get past it and you are capable of creating lasting happy memories with the people in your life who you love and who love you back. Sometimes it may prove too hard for you to leave your room and that’s okay, another day is round the corner, nothing ever lasts forever, the good or the bad. Having gentle reminders though, in what I feel is the most important and influential of the rooms in a home, is a fantastic way to subtly provide a personal aid to help see past the dark. If you wake in somewhere inviting, filled with vibrancy and life then it will instantly aid to improve your mood even in the smallest of ways. My constant adding to my memory walls I feel is an appropriate link to the notion that life goes on and is forever changing, every day is a new opportunity to add value to everything you have, another chance to learn, grow and be captivated by the hidden joys of life.
I hope you are all doing fantastic and looking forward to many ways to see in this fantastic season, making the most of the many delights that Autumn/Fall has to offer! Feel free to share with myself and others anything you have already done or have planned to elevate your excitement, I’d love for us to experience these enchanting days together!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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