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Hi all, just a quick post for two reasons….
Firstly a massive thank you to those of which have taken the time out of their day to have a little look at this here blog, also to those of you who have given me a lovely little follow either here or on any of my social media profiles. People who have interacted with me in some way, too. It honestly does mean the world to me, every time I notice even the smallest of change (such as a new view, recurring views etc), even better when there’s a follow or two involved. I started blogging because it’s something I enjoy and I’ve been going for over a month now, which is actually rather astounding for me personally, it gives me so much more pleasure with lovely people involved though. I’d absolutely love it if you’d like to get chatty, this is a massive source of happiness and inspiration for me right now, I’m loving every minute of it and I’d love it even more with like-minded people to chat to who share the same interests as me. Generating friends via this medium would be the icing on a very tasty cake indeed! Just look at my smile, the fact I’m even smiling on a photo is somewhat an achievement – well done for doing this to me!
Secondly, following with the theme of lovin’, I have set up a BlogLovin’ account and would love it (so much love in this post) if you amazing people could also follow me on there! I’ll check out your blogs too, it would be great for everybody involved! To close this with and whilst on the theme of following – don’t forget my links are included at the side of every post I publish. All that’s needed is a quick click and the link will take you to a fresh window where you can access so many Davis updates that it will feel as if you’ve known me for the last decade! I’ve been having a little play around with the technical paraphernalia that comes with this blog and have also added a little extra of which I didn’t have before – share buttons. I’m hoping this will provide a handy tool for any lovelies to quickly and easily pass on some of my content! You can follow this blog easily in one of two ways, if you are on WordPress yourself then there’s the quick and easy ‘follow’ option, additionally you’re able to follow by e-mail! It goes without saying that this would equally make me an incredibly ecstatic lady!
Again thank you so much for your support, I hope that our paths may cross in the near future and if you have a blog, that I will stumble across it’s delights. As always it’s a pleasure.
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
(Original Post on Wordpress)

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