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Hello there! So today I have a few purchases to share with you all. My nails are in god awful condition, as pictured below. They have zero strength, they’re probably just about as bendy as a piece of string and are constantly breaking or splitting. Of course it doesn’t help that I’m a notorious nail biter! Oops, my bad. I do try really hard not to and sometimes I do really well but I always return to the beginning of the cycle each time. Side note, if anybody wants to recommend something to help me not nibble then that would be amazing as nothing I’ve tried in the past has yet worked.

As seen, my nails are an abomination. Okay maybe not quite that bad at the minute, almost. So with my local Asda having a small cosmetics section I figured I’d take a little look at what they had on offer whilst picking up a few bits and bobs today. I just HAD to treat myself to a few pieces despite being skint, I’ve already played with most of these too!

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Treatment

This little number claims to give visible results in a week, so I thought I’d put it to the test. I’ve never used Sally Hansen before but I were really excited to give it a try. I didn’t need to use too much to cover the nail which I like because it means I’ll get a lot of uses from it, it dried quickly too which is a big bonus for me. I’m sure I’ll report on any results in a future post.

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat

Next up, nothing hugely exciting. I needed a new top coat as I seem to have lost my other, so voila – here is a base and top coat from Sally Hansen. I used this after my growth treatment, followed by varnish and my top coat, of course. I noticed I can also use this sparingly and I felt, compared to others I’ve used in the past, that this dried faster, or so it seems, although I will admit it’s been a little while since I used a base and top coat due to losing mine. The top coat finished my nails off perfectly with a gorgeous shine and chip protection. My nails feel like they will last well using this.

George Nail Varnish in Inky Grey No. 92

I already own a sufficient collection of coloured polish, but this caught my eye and I haven’t bought myself a new colour in quite a long time. I felt like treating myself therefore I did exactly that and added this to my collection. I really liked the colour although the name I feel isn’t very fitting to this. Inky Grey would make someone think of a dark grey, rather blackish – it would to me anyway, this however is more of a grey toned blue but it’s a lovely colour none the less. Of course I used this already too and I’m really pleased, the colour has come out lovely and with my other products I only needed to use one coat. I did almost have a disaster by partially smudging a not yet dried nail however, quite a while after painting them. I do feel this is to be expected really with the amount of coats and products I had used though, as I did have the top coat on over this polish when this happened.
Overall I’m really happy with these purchases. I then went back later to purchase something I had spotted but hadn’t bought the first time due to the fact I’d given myself a limit on spends.

Nailene Acrylic Sculpture Kit

I’m really excited by this, it has everything inside that I need to be doing my own acrylics, complete with:
  • Nail Glue
  • Acrylic Powder
  • Acrylic Liquid
  • Buffer
  • Brush
  • 20 French Tips
  • 20 Natural Tips
I have never done acrylic nails before but I’m extremely enthusiastic to try. The place I work in means I’m not allowed to wear anything on my nails, no type of false, acrylic or gel nails and no varnishes either, which totally sucks. This obviously means I won’t be using these on myself unless I have a holiday, instead I will be using my Mother as my main guinea pig! This is something I’ve thought about trying out for a long time as I really enjoy working on other people’s nails – with this set staring at me, right under my nose… Well I just couldn’t help myself.

Sally Hansen Polish Remover – Acetone Free

I also picked up a bottle of remover, I really enjoy wearing polish when I’m not working but I never think about the process of removing my varnish when going back to work and instead have to use the remover they keep in store, this can be a pain when you’ve arrived just in time for your shift and are having to rub remover onto your nails to remove product. I wouldn’t mind being able to try out different styles often too and this may occur before I go back to work. Lets face it, it’s just a good idea to keep some polish remover at home. I chose the acetone free for the obvious reason, enabling the use of it on false nails!

If there’s anything at all that anybody would like to know more about then please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions either in the comments section or via any of my social media profiles. If anybody could give me some tips on how to tackle my nail-biting then that would be amazing, or even if you’d like to share some cool nail pattern ideas with me to try out on my Mom then do feel free to file away – ha ha… Sorry, I’m really not funny. Please share some love by following, liking, sharing, commenting etc. It would mean the absolute world to me!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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