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I haven’t done a first impression review before, therefore please take into account that my first thoughts may change and differ slightly in time, depending on how I may use certain products and such. I recently picked up a few items from Primark’s P.S, Love range and thought it would be a good idea to share my findings with you. If you haven’t already, then you can view the post ‘Money = Shopping, Shopping = Happiness’ to check out some of the things I bought and the prices. Now all that’s left to do is sit back and read my first impressions!
P.S, Love Blush & Highlight Duo – Pink Rose
I didn’t know what to expect from any of my purchases however with this being a more cream based product I weren’t anticipating too much from it, usually I hate the feel of any form of creamy texture in cosmetics as they feel so sticky and cakey. I have to say however that this weren’t as creamy as I preempted it to be and actually doesn’t feel repulsive to have on my skin at all. Both the blush and highlight have a significantly pleasing pigmentation, with the highlight being extremely noticeable. Also with regards to both the texture and application, it goes on easily and blends well, although can become a little chalky and cracked if not applied with consideration. The blush is exceptionally bright but with a little blending it is able to be toned down to the desired intensity. The packaging is both stylish and attractive and being in a stick it’s very easy to use and apply, there’s a satisfactory amount of product, too. Judging by these points this is something I would buy again, even if only for the highlighter, as for me the only negative is the cracking.
P.S, Love Metallic Eyeshadow Cream
This comes in a small pot with ample product (6g), there’s something highly enjoyable about screwing on and off the lids of these pots, which isn’t important – but even so. From a quick and light swatch it doesn’t appear to be very pigmented however when using a little more product and with a brush, this observation changes. The pigmentation quite surprised me and results in a lovely brown/taupe shade on the lid. Again the creamy consistency coaxed me into believing that this would be an inferior product and I can say that again this weren’t quite as creamy as I had anticipated. It were still sticky due to the cream base, although this feeling dissipated a little after it settled. It looked beautiful when first applied and is especially easy to blend, although, after wearing this for even a short while it starts to smudge out and crease. The colour is lovely and will compliment most looks, the packaging is again stylish, and purely because it’s so inexpensive I’d probably consider buying this in other colours if there were to be any. I have to add that I didn’t use a primer with this therefore that could potentially affect the outcome.

P.S, Love Your Nails – Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray
This were quick and easy to apply, being a spray. I do have to say that I weren’t in a rush when testing this out therefore I did leave it a few minutes before checking to see if my nails had dried, on the can it does say to leave it for 60 seconds before touching the nail. They definitely dried much faster than that of usual, though. A lot comes out therefore hardly any needs to be used, this will last for a long time. I noticed that there’s a slight scent but this isn’t anything off putting or overpowering in any way, it feels a little strange on the hands and makes them very wet, therefore I’d advice not needing to touch anything until the nails are dry in order to be able to then wash the hands before doing anything else. On the packaging it states that this leaves a glossy finish of which I can confirm, I were using a top coat anyway therefore I can’t say if this would have differed had I not used the top coat, there were also a chalky residue left in some places however this could have been because of over use. This product were cheap, it’s easy to use and does the job of which it is intended for. Due to these reasons I’d definitely use and buy this again, the chalky residue may cease to occur once I’m a little more used to using the product.
P.S, Love Nail Polish in ‘Melba’ and ’88’
Both of these are stunning shades and after painting my nails I discovered to my amusement that I were matching my PJs! I feel that both would dry quite slowly had it not been for using my nail drying spray afterwards, although I find this to be the case with most nail polishes. The gunmetal grey shade ‘88’ is noticeably thick and gloopy therefore be sure to use this sparingly. It does mean of course that a little polish goes a very long way, proving to be even greater value for money! Melba has a much thinner consistency to 88 and can become patchy with a lack of attention. These of course aren’t to the standards of my beloved Model’s Own, I would however definitely buy more nail polishes from the P.S, Love range and have done time and time again. There’s always an amazing range of different colours and for an incredibly cheap price. If these are used with a base and top coat then chipping is prevented. I would definitely recommend popping into Primark to stock up on a new collection of colours!
P.S, Love Make-Up Fixing Spray
I’m not quite sure what it smells of but this smells nice, it has a very fresh scent. Make-up feels to be set well when using this although having not used a setting spray before now I’m unsure how this would stand against other lower priced setting sprays. I’ve noticed that this gets inside my lip piercing and has an undesirable taste. It’s quite off putting but I try to cover my mouth as best I can, anyway. This is a useful and cheap product, I’d definitely purchase this again as it does the job and is a bargain buy.
I hope these first impressions have proven to be useful to you, as I said above, my opinions may change on these products and differ with more use. These are only my very first impressions of the products and I hope that I’ve covered everything but if there’s something else you’d like to know please do ask me. Have you tried any of these before? It’d love to hear your thoughts. Or have you purchased something else from the P.S, Love range that you think I’d love to experiment with? If you’d like more first impression reviews please like this post and leave a comment letting me know what you’d like to see me reviewing next!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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