We’re Going Through Changes!


Lots of changes. The month of March will be a month of madness indeed, continue reading this post to learn of the exciting and particularly busy times ahead!

1. Disaster Davis is moving to Blogger!
I should have probably gone with Blogger to start with although had I done that, then I’d have not befriended my lovely WordPress blogging friends! I feel that there’s a greater scope for communicating with other’s via Blogger, what with most people having a Google+ account, whereas on WordPress it’s much more limited in terms of communicating with other’s and getting feedback. Disaster Davis will however still be available on WordPress, I’ll instead have two platforms with the same content being posted. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this change! Meanwhile, head on over to Disaster Davis on Blogger at disasterdavis.blogspot.co.uk, take a look around. It’s very much still under construction as I have only started work on it today, it will be business as usual in time for my Monday upload but for now is a game of playing catch up with my previous posts!
2. Did I hear YouTube?
Yeah you are reading the above correctly. I’ve been toying with the idea now for some time, to start up a YouTube Channel as an extention of my blog. I know a few of my other blogging buddies are planning on also starting YouTube or have already dipped their feet in, it seems like such an exciting and fun change. I will still be keeping my blog and Disaster Davis will remain the main priority. If there’s anything you’d like to watch in particular then please leave me any suggestions you have, until then, watch this space!

3. I have a new job!
Taking more of a personal turn here, on Monday I handed in my notice at my job – I also have a new one! I already feel so much better about this change, the people I’ll be working with are absolutely lovely and I feel I’m going to fit in well. This isn’t the time or place to state my reasons for leaving my previous job but lets just leave it at the fact I were incredibly unhappy. Not only do I have a great feeling about my new job but it’s also got so many more positives to it and will also free up a little more time for me to embark on other endeavours!
4. Watch this space – new adventures in the pipeline!
Speaking of new endeavours, this is another personal change. Without going into too much detail and giving too much information away, I have decided that I’m going to try out a few different things. I’m really excited about these changes and can’t wait to get started on my plans. Life is filled with so much possibility for myself right now, I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome new adventures and experiences into my life and I will be sure to update you on these new additions to my life in time.
5. Mother’s Day!
I can’t forget that it’s Mother’s Day around the corner, can I? I hope you all have some epic plan in place to spoil and cherish your mother’s, they’re truely precious beings and you only get one! I’m personally so excited for Sunday and spending lots of quality time with my Mom once I have gotten work out of the way. I wonder if my fur babies have got me anything this year.. Hmm. How are you celebrating the day?

Is it just myself getting excited by all of this? If not then I’d love to be jointly animated in conversation via the comments below. I’d welcome suggestions for possible YouTube videos of which you’d like to see, also don’t forget to view, like, comment and follow my new blog space.
With Love,g
Disaster Davis x

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