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Hello my dear, today I have a haul! A super exciting one because it’s my Christmas shopping, yay! Unfortunately I’m unable to share with you the gifts I have bought for everyone, I will however share with you the gifts I bought for myself tehehe! It’s got to be done, hasn’t it? Read on to peek at my self given gifts!
I had a thoroughly enjoyable splurge, finding out about places I didn’t even know were in Leeds! For example, I never knew there were a Vivienne Westwood store located in the Victoria Quarter! Lovisa very recently opened a store in the Trinity centre too, for anybody who has yet to discover this shop it’s an Australian company selling jewellery and accessories. There’s a sale on many things in there at the moment and let me tell you there’s incredible bargains! So lets crack on and take a look at my loot!

Sadly I have to say that nothing really grabbed my attention this time around, usually when I make a visit to Primark I leave with a small fortune but aside from a few stocking fillers I didn’t get much for myself. There were some must haves however!
Christmas Wrapping Paper – £1
Obviously we all need wrapping paper around this time of year especially. Each year Primark does itself proud with a fantastic range of wrapping paper, always including non Christmassy options too, perfect for those December birthdays! This is a simple and stylish number I picked up, a total bargain for the cheap price and the fact it’s a 5m roll!

P.S, Love Lashes Sultry – £1
These are easily my favourite eyelashes yet, I find them to look really nice when worn and aren’t too dramatic or fake looking as some can look. Nice and cheap and they can be re-used a couple of times, too.

P.S, Love Nail Polish – £0.80
Absolute bargain, 80p for nail polish? Yes please. I found the colour to look incredibly pleasing to my eye and because I’m yet to own a colour like this one I just had to pop it into my basket. I have yet to try this polish out but I’m extremely excited to do so!

Belt – £3
I’ve already worn this and I’m very happy with this purchase. Being black it will go with almost any outfit and the design is very simple. I were in great need of a new belt as the only other waist belt I own is a little battered to say the least. At £3 you can’t really go wrong as belts can prove to be rather expensive elsewhere.

Atmosphere Faux Leather Jacket – £14
A steal at under £20 is this fake leather jacket. I find it to be very comfortable as it’s been made with a soft material, deciding to get it a size larger than I am I have ample room to wear a hoodie under if I wish or a jumper. There’s plenty of space but it still fits very well at the same time. It’s simple with not too much going on but this makes it perfect for use at a wide variety of events.

Bee Hoppy PJs – £7 (Top) £6 (Bottoms)
There were another top and bottom available for mixing and matching, these are insanely cute pjs and perfect for the colder months. I instantly fell in love with them having rabbits on and I fell in love all over again once I wore them. They’re incredibly comfortable and I could literally live in these! Definitely my new favourites! The jumper can even double up as everyday wear!

New Look
Again I feel as though there were something lacking.. Is it just the time of year or something? Literally everywhere I’ve gone to recently seems to have absolutely nothing in the clothing department, it’s all drab and obnoxious, this is incredibly annoying for me considering it will be my birthday soon and I’d like an amazing new outfit to wear for going out. As I had a £5 gift card to spend which were gifted to me last Christmas, I needed to find some form of purchase.
Sparkly Earphones – £5.99
These earphones are an absolute god send! I’ve needed a new pair for so long, since my Primark ones always die on me quickly and since they seem to have had none in now for quite a while it meant having to look elsewhere. I remember a day the Primark ones cost £1, over time they’ve inched the pricing up to around £3… So having to pay £5.99 at New Look seemed a little steep to me but because I had a gift card to spend I thought what the hell and purchased them. It’s astonishing with regard to the difference in quality. These from New Look are absolutely amazing, heaven sent! Music sounds fantastic through them, the best I’ve had in a LONG time from earphones, the volume is great too. Not only that, they look wonderful and the buds don’t hurt my ears like my last Primark earphones did. These look much higher quality, too. Overall verdict is that I’m really pleased with them, top notch!

H&M used to always be really great value for money, there were always a vast amount of amazing items and for incredibly low prices. I have noticed that the prices have increased quite considerably, although I picked up some fantastic items in the sales section for myself!
Nail Polish Duo – £2.99
Great value for a duo of nail polish, I’d say. I’ve already tried these out and the base colour and sparkly overlay work perfectly together. A must have combination for the Christmas period! I found these dried rather quickly too and only needed the one coat, bonus!

Lost For Words Crop Top – £3 (originally £6.99)
This top were an absolute steal for £3, maybe not perfect for the winter months but definitely a welcome addition ready for Spring/Summer.

Playsuit – £4 (originally £7.99)
Another beautiful bargain presents itself in this playsuit. I have already worn this and I’m over the moon with it. It’s incredibly comfortable and fits like a glove, creating and showing off a fantastic body shape. It can easily be changed up a little by wearing it with tights or adding a belt and some lovely accessories, too.

I had no idea that Lovisa had arrived in Leeds until I happened to stumble upon the store in the Trinity centre. Lovisa is an Australian jewellery and accessories store and is an absolute gem of a place! They opened their Trinity store very recently, around a week ago and currently have some amazing deals on. I just had to treat myself to some bargain finds!
They currently have an 8 for £5 deal on earrings, of which I took them up on. One of the pairs alone were worth £5, with the others either being £1.50 or £2.50 usually. It seemed too good to be true and I recommend everybody to check this out, it could be an amazing opportunity to pick up a few extras to fill stockings with. I were also pleased to see they pack your purchases really nicely too, they really take care of their customers interests and the girls working there were the friendliest I’ve encountered in a long time within retail!
Worth £5!
Worth £2.50 each.
Worth £1.50 each.
The camera has been unable to pick up the colour correctly for the bottom earrings, they’re actually a really pretty light green colour with a gorgeous sparkle.
Worth £1.50 each.

Have you given yourself any cheeky pre-Christmas treats this year? If you haven’t yet then I strongly suggest you get on out there before the last of the sales end, as shown there are some fantastic bargains not to be missed!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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