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As it’s Valentine’s Day over the weekend I thought that it would be a perfect time for a post pertaining to this event and today I bring you a Valentine’s Q&A. I have collected some of the questions from various videos on YouTube and have added in some of my own. Basically I have mixed them up a little, I hope you enjoy this post as much as Valentine’s Day itself!
1. How would you describe love?
This is a question of which I don’t believe anybody will ever explain perfectly, it’s a feeling therefore meaning that it’s almost impossible to put into words and everybody will feel this in different ways unique to them and their situation. I think the best way I could sum it up would be to simply say, read The Notebook, or watch the film. Another amazing book to read would also be Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I feel these will definitely give a person the answers to this particular question.
2. Have you ever been in love?
I have yes, thankfully I have moved on from that person and I’m no longer in the terrible state of which I once were. I will of course always have a special place in my heart for him, of which will never change. I took the positives with the negatives and nobody is ever perfect, but his imperfections were just as beautiful to me as the rest of him. It were a time in my life of which I will both never forget nor regret. It’s unfortunate that in the end we couldn’t remain friends, but I will always wish him well and think fondly of him.
3. Do you believe in love at first sight?
No. I do however believe in a spark, extreme instant connections of which are rather unfathomable and hard to articulate. This definitely helps aid the journey to loving that person or completely falling in love with them, but love is a feeling of which grows and deepens over time and throughout getting to know a person more.
4. Does age matter in love?
No, age is simply a number. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course there are laws and such regarding younger people, but anything that isn’t unlawful is completely fine. Who cares? It should only matter to the people involved.
5. Do looks matter in love?
In love, no. You can love your family members and friends and I’m sure you won’t put a clause on that stating they must be beautiful, or that you’d cease to love them if they were involved in an accident of which leaves them scarred or with any other visible imperfections. Looks do play a factor however in physical attraction, I believe this is something a relationship also needs as well as everything else, it just doesn’t play a huge part. Also physical attraction is of course something else of which is personal to individual people.
6. How do you avoid becoming jaded by love?
Tough one, I think it occurs naturally in the over all process of coming to terms with a break up or getting over somebody, although it’s something we must never hold on to. It can be hard but you have to think that not every situation will wind up the same as the one which has hurt you, not every person will be the same and behave in the same ways. Not everybody is going to hurt you. If you already have self respect and confidence in the knowledge that everything will work out in the end, then that will go a long way into the healing process. Keep yourself busy and cultivate a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle where a partner would only enhance your happiness rather than be relied on for it. When you are fully over a person I believe it helps to eradicate any negative residue, practice looking after yourself and accept a situation for what it is, no matter how hard that may be. Sometimes we can glamourise a situation and build it up to be something better than it really were, try seeing things exactly how they were and this should help to rationalise and put everything into perspective.
7. Who was your first love as a child/teenager?
As a child? Ha ha, Alex Band. Okay, maybe not love, but a life long celebrity crush, none the less. My actual first love were my ex boyfriend, we became a couple in 2008 when I were 16 years old. I don’t really know what else to say on this point.
8. What would you describe your perfect man like?
Alex Band of course! Okay, in all seriousness, over the years I have had a somewhat obsession for blonde guys with blue eyes. Thankfully I aren’t quite as superficial as that now. Physicalities aren’t important and I don’t typically have a ‘type’, of course physical attraction does have to play a part in the scenario, however I like a guy who’s compassionate, honest, intelligent, funny and somebody with ambition would be a sure winner, for me. I’m asking for way too much, aren’t I?
9. What is your favourite love quote?
I could probably pick out a million, but for now lets go with this one, shall we?
10. What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?
It’s okay I guess. I neither love or hate it. I feel that it’s a day created purely to be commercialised and make copious amounts of money from people. Everyone should be showing love and appreciation for their partners year round, not purely on a specified day. I guess it’s nice for the people who choose to celebrate it, though.
11. Have you ever had a Valentine before?
Can I count friends? Most years I have chosen to go out and spend time with friends, there’s only actually been one year where I’ve been in a relationship and we didn’t celebrate it on the day anyway, as we had argued. Either way yeah, I guess I have had.
12. Do you have a Valentine this year and what are your plans?
I don’t, so if anybody is secretly wanting to grab a date with me then now would be the time to ask ha ha! My current plans are to relax at home with my Valentine’s choccies, a brew, my current book and maybe a film. This could change though, my plans rarely follow the original course.
13. If you were to have a celebrity Valentine, who would it be and why?
Alex Band! Without a doubt. I have had my eye on him since the first time I spotted him on my TV when I were 5/6 years old. I’m now 24, yeah it’s been a rather lengthy celebrity crush, to say the least. Why? Well lets just say he’s certainly easy on the eye, is talented and his voice captivates me. From what I can gather of somebody I have never met, he seems as though he’d be a delightful person, too.
14. What is your ideal Valentine’s gift?
Something small but personal. It doesn’t have to be extortionate or the latest thing of which everybody is wanting. I’d much rather something that has needed thought putting into, even something made. We want to feel understood and valued, right? We all know I adore books, so maybe a well picked out book.
15. What is your favourite Valentine’s candy?
My favourite chocolate entirely is Lindt, I’ve seen some limited edition strawberries and cream flavour Lindt chocolates in my local Asda store, I’m buying these for myself and I have no doubts that they’ll be delicious.
16. What are your favourite Valentine’s Day flowers?
I aren’t overly keen on flowers as they die so quickly and that, to me, feels like such a shame. I’d much prefer a flowering plant, this way I can keep them for a long period of time. I’m not entirely clued up on different plants, so maybe something purple.
17. What would be your perfect date?
Something fun and unique. If there’s a hobby of which myself and the person both shared then that would be a nice idea, or trying out something entirely different would also work. I like walks and discovering new places so maybe venturing somewhere new and taking some snacks would be nice. I’d prefer something away from everybody else, where the focus could be purely on myself and that person.
18. What is your favourite Valentine’s Day make-up look?
It would differ depending on the outfit, but a smoky eye with a red lip is a strong contender for me.
19. What is the best way to spend Valentine’s Day if you’re single?
I think going out with other single friends is a great idea, it gets you out of the house so that you aren’t moping around feeling sorry for yourself. Who knows, you might even meet somebody special in the process. A cosy night in surrounded by all of your favourite things would also be amazing though, too. It depends on the person as an individual and their mind state at the time, it should definitely be spent doing something that the person enjoys, though.
20. What are your top tips for enjoying and surviving Valentine’s Day?
Remember that it’s just another day, like any other. If you’re single and feeling miserable then get out there and enjoy the day with friends, or indulge in yourself with a pamper session and partaking in your favourite hobbies. Buying yourself a treat is always a nice idea. If you’re in a relationship I think the best thing is to focus on enjoying the day and the time spent with your significant other. Don’t worry too much and build the day up to be something bigger than what it is, don’t take it too seriously. There’s also no need to be sucked into the commercialisation of it all, use the time to fully connect with your partner and treat them well. When gifting remember that you don’t need to go over the top and the best gifts are always the ones with the most thought, a great gift idea could also be to book tickets for an experience to embark upon together. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to be happy and enjoy it, single or not. Valentine’s is not the be all and end all, it’s simply just another day.
As I said in the opening of this post, I have both collected these questions and added my own, please don’t let this put you off from using this for yourself however. I’m treating this as a tag post and would love to read your own answers to these questions, if you use this why not pop back here and leave me a link afterwards? Or you could choose your own questions from this and leave me a comment below! Whatever your Valentine’s Day may bring I hope that it’s filled with love and happiness.
With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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