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So I’ve been delving through the archives of many a beauty blogger and recently re-stumbled upon a cosmetics tag from the lovely Louise – Sprinkle Of Glitter! To some, a tag may seem like an easy way out of a ‘proper’ blog post, however many can be both enjoyable and informative and I feel this short but sweet piece also doubles up as a pretty nifty review of sorts taking into consideration these are my ‘most used’ cosmetic items of choice. Without further ado, lets commence!
1. Most worn lipstick/lipgloss: Probably MAC – Viva Glam due to it’s sufficient longevity. The shade of choice is purely down to it being both my only MAC lipstick currently and my adoration of a red lip! I am anticipating some additions to my lipstick collection however as it’s very lacking.
2. Most worn eyeliner: I always wear two, Rimmel London Kohl Liner – Pure White 071 and P.S, Love Kohl Liner – Black, although if I had to choose only one for some inane reason then it would be the Rimmel and I’d instead settle for using some shadow below my bottom waterline.
3. Most worn mascara: P.S, Love Volumising Ultra Black Mascara
4. Most worn eye-shadow: My Make-Up Revolution London Ultimate Eye-shadow Collection palette steals the show here, I adore it and almost always opt for a combination of shades from this. Choosing one however it has to be the shimmery white, of which I’ve zoomed in on below, as I use this in the corners of my water line and to highlight my brow bone.

5. Most worn concealer: I’ve recently changed the concealer I use and now can’t get enough of it, this is the P.S, Love Liquid Concealer in Ivory.
6. Most worn foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid in the shade NW13. I have been using this for so long, although on ‘good skin days’ I’ll opt for a BB creme instead if I aren’t going to any events of great excitement or importance. I need a new ‘winter’ foundation as this doesn’t work particularly well for me as the seasons change, drying out my skin and creating flakes. Any recommendations you have for combination skin do feel free to share.
7. Most worn (finishing) powder: Collection 2000 – Candelight 01, although I am currently using a George substitute in the shade nude 02, which works just as well.
8. Most worn blush: Virgin Cosmetics blush and bronzer palette, I got this from my niece and it has lasted me for literally years it has such an incredible amount of product and is well pigmented. One of the blusher pans I have almost completely used up but pictured below is the combination I currently use. This would be a different answer however if I still owned my Bourjois – 85 Sienne which sadly got lost in a club. I loved that little buddy of mine!

9. Most worn bronzer: Primark’s Sunkissed eyeshadow and bronzer palette – there is only one bronzer in this and I love it, I do often double up by using the Virgin Cosmetics blush and bronzer palette (pictured above) for particular areas however.
10. Most worn nail polish: I literally can’t provide a solid answer to this as I don’t consistently use only one or even a limited few polishes. I have so many to choose from and like to have a versatile rotation with this type of product, I will say though that if I were to pick a favourite it would likely be my glittery little number by Angelica in the shade Asteroid.

I surmise that you have all enjoyed this post and that it’s potentially provided inspiration to try something you maybe haven’t yet from this list. Have you used any of these products previously, if so what are your conclusions? As ever it would be a pure delight to hear from you.
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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