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Has your February been fantastic? I sure hope so. To round off this month’s blog posts I have a fancy little favourites number for you. If you haven’t already then feel free to view my ‘2015 Favourites’ and ‘January Favourites’, of course, not before the completion of reading this one!
Collection Primed & Ready – Pore Minimiser 1
I’ve only ever used two face primers before therefore please bear in mind that I’m no expert. This has definitely been my favourite of the two, however! I use this with my fingers to gently smooth over my skin and have found it to have an exceptionally silky texture of which doesn’t feel in any way clogged up, with a very light consistency. After an effortless application, this then provides an even base for other cosmetics and does as it claims by reducing the appearance of large pores. Included in the ingredients is witch hazel, of which has anti-blemish properties. This primer has a matte finish and I love how sleek the rest of my make-up application feels after using this product.
Collection Primed & Ready – Eye Primer 1
This is described as illuminating and reviving and I can indeed confirm this to be 100% correct. It lightens up the eyes whilst producing an incredibly refreshed feeling, making otherwise tired eyes then feel wide awake and ready for the day ahead. Only a very small amount of product is needed, it comes out of the tube white but of course this is nothing to be concerned with as it soaks into the skin. Shadows and other eye products apply infinitely easier when using this primer as a base and it combats any creasing, uneven product distribution and shifting of pigments.
P.S, Love Make-Up Fixing Spray
My first impressions of this can be found on ‘First Impression Reviews: P.S, Love Range’. This is an easy to use and quick spray for setting make-up in place, before this I hadn’t used a setting spray and as a result I don’t have anything to compare this to. I’ve definitely been enjoying using this, though. Although it were such a cheap price and I weren’t really expecting much it’s actually been a great investment for me. It doesn’t leave me with a clogged up feeling, it’s simple to use and does it’s job well, setting my face in place for longer periods of time. Nothing budges when I have this on, it’s great! Like I said on my first impression the taste isn’t appreciated (the product finds its way in via my lip piercing), though I’ve since got a little more used to guarding my mouth until the spray has settled.
P.S, Love Liquid Foundation Brush
If you already read about this on my post ‘Money = Shopping, Shopping = Happiness’ then you will know that I were hoping that this brush would prove to be on par with an old brush from the P.S, Love range, which has since broken in multiple places. I’m ecstatic to verify that this brush is indeed just as adored as the last one, if not more! It feels sturdier than my old one and other’s in my collection, this is definitely my go to brush for applying concealer and foundation. I can’t fault it. I’m tempted to buy more purely to avoid panic in the future when needing a new one. I’ve found this brush to be well made and the application is fine because if you know how best to apply make up, then any potential for streaking is completely avoided.
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – Fair 1
I needed a concealer as my previous one is considerably close to empty. Rather than having my usual Ivory shade in stock of the P.S, Love Under Eye Concealer, were instead ‘Tan’. This quite clearly weren’t going to work for me, therefore I needed another option. I’d heard great things before about the Lasting Perfection Concealer from the Collection brand, therefore took myself off to Boots. I got mine in the shade ‘Fair 1’ which appears to be spot on and very quickly this has become my ultimate concealer. It has an amazing medium to high coverage and is a thick product whilst somehow managing to not clog the pores or feel cakey. I always use a patting motion with my brush for this product as swiping it across the skin will require using more and risk an uneven coverage. If used correctly then barely any product is needed to eradicate any blemishes, although quick work is needed with this as it dries quickly, with a flawless matte finish.
George Silk Finish Pressed Powder – No. 02 Nude
Previously I’ve always been a Collection kinda girl for my finishing powder, not any more. I’ve actually had the George Silk Finish since last year and have recently realised how great this product is. A week or so ago, I re-purchased the Collection Pressed Powder (this made an appearance in the post ‘I Solemnly Swear that I am up to No Good’), I got this in my usual shade ‘01 Candelight’ but it seems to be so much darker than it used to be. In the winter months the George Silk Finish is definitely better matched to my skin, also I have found the Collection Pressed Powder to feel much heavier on my face than the George SF. George Silk Finish is a very soft and light product, it really does feel like silk. A light handed dusting of product will mattify and set make up adequately, whilst soaking up any excess oils.
Bourjois Blush Pot – 85 Sienne
This also made an appearance in my ‘2015 Favourites’ but I have to include it again here as I have been using it so often recently. The packaging is a very well made compact pot, complete with mirror and blush brush. This product is perfumed and smells absolutely gorgeous. The pigmentation is considerable whilst both buildable and easy to blend, ensuring the exact required result. There are no hidden sparkles, what you see is what you get and this is again, a matte finish.
Make-Up Revolution London Pressed Highlighter – Hidden Lights
Here we have a product from what is probably my favourite drugstore brand. Make-Up Revolution London have the most remarkably pigmented products, Hidden Lights is no exception to this and is of a suitable brightness. This product is a little sparkly yet still creates a stunning and natural glow! Hidden Lights were also in my post ‘Magical Make-Up Mysteries’.
Model’s Own Nail Polish – NP241 Chrome Green
For more information on this product please see my post ‘My Model’s Own Experience’, where I talk about this in a little more detail. Stylish, classy, fast drying and both a unique finish and colour, this nail polish is utterly sensational! I need ALL of the chrome finish polishes in my life, I am helplessly hypnotized.
Cuffed Leg Joggers x3
I adore these, all of them. I need more in my life in a larger variety of colours. They’re so comfortable and they all have cuffed legs which are perfect for a short thing like myself. More information can be found about all of these in the posts ‘Money = Shopping, Shopping = Happiness’ and ‘I Solemnly Swear I am up to No Good’, as can the below pyjamas.
Snuggle Pyjamas
These are the most comfortable pyjamas I have ever experienced, I could quite honestly live in them full time, they’re amazing. Most days the first thing I’ll do once I arrive home from work is to get back into these beauties! I acquired these from Primark, although if you read the original haul post then you’ll already know that!
All That Glitters – Vicky Pattison
44 Charles Street – Danielle Steel
I thoroughly enjoyed both of these books and they couldn’t have been more different. Please do saunter over to the above book review for All That Glitters and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a review on 44 Charles Street!
Lindt Limited Edition – Strawberries and Cream
What a better way to finish this off with none other than the best chocolates I have ever sampled! Lindt are my ultimate favourite anyway, they have however even excelled themselves! I would be unable to describe these without drooling. Due to being limited edition I of course have had to stock pile these whilst still having the chance!

Let me know in the comments below if we have any of these in common! I’d love to see your own post therefore be sure to leave me a link. If you liked this then please hit the link and/or follow buttons. I can’t wait to see what madness March has in store!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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