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Hello there my beautiful! Today is a pretty simple post, my collection of empty cosmetics! As I’ve been looking for things in my bedroom I keep coming across more and more empty products, not realising just how many there are. Due to it being the end of the year and wanting to start off 2016 with a fresh and tidy room (that will be the day), I figured I’d get this post done before chucking everything away! Please do read on for my opinions on the following products.
Paco Rabanne Black XS
Beautiful scent, it really is. I have acquired and stocked up on so many different fragrances during the years that I’ve either forgotten about some or simply avoided the ones I aren’t so keen on. This is definitely a perfume I’d use again. I received it as a gift at some point and it typically retails at approximately £40 for the 50ml bottle, a little pricier and there are some absolutely amazing fragrances a lot cheaper out and about. This is absolutely a good investment however. I’d love to tell you that I can remember exactly how it smelled, I’d be lying though.. As I currently have the scent of Vivienne Westwood Boudoir floating around my nostrils (which is also gorgeous, may I add.) For a larger name I’d say that Black XS is a welcome treat for anybody.
Vivienne Westwood Let It Rock
My all time favourite scent, which literally shatters my heart to know that it’s been discontinued. There’s the smallest bit left in the bottle as I simply can’t bring myself to finish it, not yet. I have yet to find something to rival this and I’m utterly destroyed knowing it will be so hard and so expensive to acquire this again. Let It Rock used to retail for much lower before and is still being sold on Amazon (who knows how long for), for the very large sum of around the £100 mark!

Charlie Body Sprays in Chic and Pink
These are great sprays and handy to have around. I always have a Charlie spray knocking about at my place, with so many different variations to choose from there’s likely to be something for everyone. Nice and cheap and they do the job. My personal favourite out of the two above has to be Chic.

P.S, Love Lashes Sultry
I’m not entirely sure if I should be classing false eyelashes as an ‘empty’, but the box is just that! I use these exact lashes all the time, they’re definitely my favourites so far out of lashes I’ve played around with and at £1 you can’t really go wrong compared to more expensive brands. They stay on well so long as you know how to apply lashes successfully!

Nivea Express Hydration Primer
This year is the first time I’d used this and I’d picked it up because it were on offer. It’s the first time I’ve used any primer in fact, therefore I aren’t an expert on these – I’d love to sample more! I found this to have a great consistency for my face as it were light and didn’t feel as though it clogged up my pores at all, I were initially worried about any primer having the potential to make me feel clogged up. On the box it boasts instant absorption and I have to confirm this to be correct. I were really happy with this item, it felt as though I were applying my make up much better and I only needed to use a small amount of product which resulted in the primer lasting the majority of this year.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid – NW13
This is my go to foundation, though I typically get stuck on using the same foundation for long periods of time if I’m happy with them but I could really do with trying something else out for the winter months. After using this for a long time I’d probably consider it to be medium coverage but it’s buildable. It does mattify once blended in however it can get a little oily throughout the day so I always wear a light powder over the top to set my make-up. I’ve found it works great with this and if I need to I can add a little more throughout the day. I work in a fast food company, essentially one huge kitchen where it’s incredibly warm – with regard to this the durability of the foundation is fantastic!

Collection Pressed Powder – 01 Candelight
All time favourite setting powder to date, cheap and cheerful! It’s really light on the face and lasts forever! It does the job splendid, better than many high end setting powders! As you can see, I use a lot of these!

Virgin Cosmetics Blush and Bronze Palette
I got given this many years ago by my niece and as you can see it’s not been fully used up yet, although in one of the bronze pans there’s an incredibly little amount of product left! I have a habit of barely using something once I know it’s about to run out. This is a great palette, it does the job nicely, there’s a standard bronzer (the almost used up one), then another with a slight shimmer. The blushers blend nicely together and it does the trick. I use the shimmery bronzer often as a slight overlay over the top of my base contour for my cheekbones! It doesn’t feel cakey and it’s buildable, this can also be very subtle if applied lightly.

P.S, Love Volumising Extra Black Mascara
This is my go to mascara and has been for a while, it’s cheap and does the trick nicely. I use a couple of layers of this purely because I really like my lashes to stand out especially when I aren’t using false lashes. Considering it’s so cheap it really makes a difference to the appearance of my lashes and finishes off my make-up looks just the way I like. It has a sufficient amount of product inside and lasts quite a long time before starting to dry out!
P.S, Love Liquid Liner – Black
Last but not least, my liquid eyeliner. This stuff is a god send! I find eyeliner is so much easier when it’s liquid. It’s a lightly packaged item for fantastic ease of use and mobility. The product glides on almost effortlessly and lasts a long time. I’ve recently re-purchased one of these beauties and the empty one pictured here I’d been using since the start of this year! They’re cheap and do the job very well indeed, the only snag with this product I’d say is the fact that it can crack throughout the day/night. I find this is easily solved however by applying the smallest amount of product over the top to fill this in.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I find ‘empties’ to be really informative because the way I see it, a product must be pretty good if it’s been completely used up therefore it doubles up as a kind of review or recommendation of the item at the same time. If you would like to see more posts like this from me then please leave me a comment or give me a like so that I know it’s been appreciated, it will also make me incredibly happy at the same time! Of course the delightful follow button is also a great way to keep up to date on my many varied posts.
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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