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Today is a day for pets, although not a post focused on pet care. Instead I just want to appreciate my own little bundles of absolute joy!
Due to a recent poor quality of weather here in the UK, my Mom decided that my beloved Echo and Eden (rabbits) could come back inside until it dissipated. I’m oh so incredibly thankful for this occurrence, as the wind were driving my anxiety levels to be sky high due to the worry that the hutch wouldn’t stay in place and I would find them no longer there on a morning. My sleeping pattern is already dire however this were just making things so much worse for me. I were constantly getting out of bed to look through my window, checking their safety and ensuring their cover were still protecting them. If the cover had come off I’d be climbing out of my bedroom window in the early hours of the morning to rectify the issue.. I were getting barely any sleep and becoming a wreck. Every time I heard the wind outside I would be in a panic, hoping that it weren’t effecting my little angels in any way. Although having them back inside obviously has caused a little chaos of it’s own, I’m so relieved. Already I’ve been able to get to sleep easier on a night and my quality of sleep has improved vastly! I no longer panic when I hear the wind as I know that my babies are safe inside.
Update time over, this now means that I get to spend a lot more quality time with all of my pets because they’re all in the living room with me, which is where I spend 90% of my time when I’m at home. I turn around and they’re there, I’m able to constantly communicate with them all. I love this so much, it’s made me happier in myself. My pets give me a feeling of purpose, knowing that there’s three little fur babies that all need me, they’re dependent on me. It’s a wonderful feeling, even more so knowing that I know all there is to know about each of them; what scares them, what makes them happy, everything. My little cherubs are my greatest pleasure in life, aside from my Mom. Their delightful little faces are uplifting, they make me happy and fill me with joy. I feel motivated because of them, knowing that the harder I work the more I can treat them all to nice new toys and additional things to make them happy. Due to the pure positivity they bring to my life, I thought it would be only fair that I dedicate to them, their very own blog post – aside from any pet care tips and tricks and such. So here’s to Echo, Eden and Jeremiah!
Jeremiah Ross Davis
June 17th, 2015
Starting with Jeremiah, he’s the youngest of my three, not even a year old.. He’s incredibly adorable and melts my heart every time I set my eyes upon him. He’s the most sociable hamster I’ve ever known, always wanting a chat and social interaction with myself and my Mom. He gets really excited when socializing and appreciates any attention he’s given. Usually when a hamster is tired they’ll be incredibly cranky but not this little guy, he’s always happy to see people at any time of the day. He were so easy to tame and settled into his new home so well – I’ve had absolutely no problems with him at all. He’s such a well behaved little boy and I couldn’t be happier that he’s in my care. It feels just right that he should be a part of this family. He acts incredibly silly sometimes of course, as is only appropriate for this mad house. I’m excited to soon be spoiling him on his first Christmas with us!
Echo Jasmine Davis
Eden Jasper Davis
April 19th, 2013
Echo is my little girl, she’s a pampered princess. She’s smaller than Eden but is a fat little chunk. She’s the protector of the two, the one of which guards their home and tries to scare off any threats. She were also a perfect Mother to her and Eden’s four little fluffy pompoms. She cared for them perfectly and did so well keeping all four healthy and happy until they went to their new home. At only six months old herself when she had them, I were so incredibly proud of her! I couldn’t have asked for her to have done any better. I sure as hell didn’t have a clue what I were doing during the extremely unexpected situation. I had been told Eden were a girl too, so to find that Echo had then had babies one morning were an incredible shock, saying that however is a huge understatement. She’s the greediest of the two and is usually the boss!
Eden is a massive softie, he’s spoilt, shy and a massive scaredy cat! He likes to spend the majority of his time sleeping but is also incredibly playful and gets excited over nice treats and new toys, although he’s apprehensive of anything at first! For the first six months of his life he were thought to be a girl, so I guess it’s no huge surprise that he’s such a huge Nancy! He hates visits to the vets and refuses to leave my side, last time they both cannon balled towards me – Eden almost knocking me over because he’s so huge and heavy! He’s such a big boy, it’s literally like carrying a child when I pick him up, he gives such cuddly snuggles though because he’s so large and fluffy. Echo is much more inquisitive and nosy at the vets and likes to play with the blinds! She’s also a 100% diva, making it clear what she wants and when she wants it.. If she wants the door to the indoor cage open then that door WILL be opened and she will trot around the living room doing whatever she pleases. She always gets the last word.
They make me so incredibly happy, I’ve experienced so many laughs with the both of them, I’ve been so extremely proud of them and they fill my life with happiness. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for them, for all of them. They all have their own distinct personalities, each one as precious. Jeremiah is social and loves getting to know everybody, whereas the rabbits are more skeptical and will choose who they like and dislike. If they like someone it’s a great indication that the person in question is decent, whereas the people they don’t like tends to be for a very good reason, such as them not being the most desirable example of human. The rabbits are a very good judge of character, which gives much more amusement for the fact that they don’t take to males very well at all!
I hope that hearing about my lovelies hasn’t dissatisfied you. I’d love to know about any pets you have, past or present. Animals are a huge love in my life, it’s been a joy to share my little treasures with you.

With Love, stomps and squeaks,
Disaster Davis, Echo, Eden & Jeremiah! x
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