All That Glitters – Vicky Pattison


Alreet pet! Another book review installment for you today! I saw this whilst browsing the shelves at my local Asda and although it sounded pretty good, I were still feeling dubious. This is due to being a book by Vicky Pattison from Geordie Shore, and whilst never really giving the show a fair chance, my opinions of it aren’t all together very high. Uncertainty aside, for my honest opinions on this here fictional account of reality TV, exploring fame, friendships, family, romantic relationships, loyalty and betrayal, then please do continue to peruse this post.
I were first struck, of course, by the cover. I found the eye catching, bright pink display to be very girly yet also fashionable, producing an attractive and luring result. The next step I took were naturally, to read the blurb, and this is what lead me to buying the book regardless of my initial thoughts on where the author had emerged from with regards to reality TV. The blurb is delivered faultlessly with wonder and intrigue from the off, instantly pulling you further in, finding yourself wondering what is going to happen to Issy’s character on her journey throughout the exhilarating opportunity she’s been presented with. It appeared to me as being an easy read and typical of what’s often marketed as a ‘guilty pleasure’ or a perfect read for holiday makers. I instantly thought of the glitz and glam of the plot as somewhat similar to a Katie Price novel, with this noted and my love for KP’s novels – I had to take a chance. It shows how well written a book’s description is, when it converts cynics.
All That Glitters got off to a great start with me hooked in the first chapter. The story had already provided me with amusement and showcased the first big dilemma. It were shaping up to be a fun and easy read, indeed, the perfect form of escape within my head, charged with elation and adventure. Not only were the story line and dialogue providing great satisfaction, but similarly, the characters. I found them to be well written and to come across as real people, of which were all incredibly unique. This made for a powerful hook as different personalities both coincided and clashed against one another, inspiring the notion that anything could happen both within the plot and between individuals. Each persona were shown in an eminently every day and natural way achieving the portrayal of considerable relevance to reality.
Although in some ways this story reminded me of some I have previously read, it were also evidently entirely unique to any other, with fresh, very modern and authentic plot lines. I found it to be extremely amusing, thoroughly hilarious in parts, in fact. This were also enjoyable and the excitement continued to build throughout the book. This is a definite mood booster of which I were unable to put down, from start to finish I were hooked to the differing themes of friendship, family, love, success, hardships and betrayal. A light were shone on the importance of looking out for yourself and not being too keen to trust people so eagerly. I do have to say however that quality editing and proof reading is SO important in a book. There is a part, for example, on page 159, where a sentence is so completely muddled that it makes zero sense. “And I don’t Mia her to know that she can make me that angry again.” Fortunately it’s not difficult to figure out what this should have read as, although it can be quite baffling when first reading an error such as this one. This of course doesn’t reflect on the book, plot, storyline or general enjoyment, this is only an editing fault.
Conclusively, I loved this book. The characters were unique, as were the electric story line, it were undoubtedly relevant to the modern day as we know it, with usage of Twitter within the dialogue. I would unquestionably recommend this to a friend and to you, my reader. I’d go as far to say that this is one of my book favourites for the year so far. It goes to show that a book should not be judged by it’s cover, or, you know.. By it’s author and their primary career choice.
Have you had the pleasure of reading this? What is your current read, or your favourites so far for this year? Is there anything you’ve seen on a blog post of which you’d love for me to review? I would assuredly appreciate any questions, suggestions or requests that you may have.
With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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