Leap of Faith – Danielle Steel


It were seemingly millions of years ago that I last gave you a book review to devour. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating just a tiny smidge, it does seem awfully lengthy, though. Today I figured I’d put that notion right! I, as well as I’m sure millions more out there, find Danielle Steel to be a genius with words. Grab a cuppa and get cosy as I share with you my findings from my recent read.
Leap of Faith, a tale of love, friendship, neglect, greed, lies and pure evil combined. The heart breaking, shocking yet beautiful tale of a girl orphaned so young, always striving to find the happiness she once knew yet being dealt one shattering blow after another. I feel the blurb, pictured below, sums it up perfectly.
Judging by the cover of the book, this isn’t something which would instantly grab a reader’s attention, or at least not in my opinion. Written by Danielle Steel however and being the unbelieveable bargain of £1 in Asda, I would have certainly been a fool to have not picked this up. The blurb pictured above is extremely compelling and well written, it’s evident that there’s an intricate plot to be figured out full of secrets and lies, this alone is incredibly interesting.
Fast paced from the start, I were encapsulated in an idyllic fairy-tale setting only for it to be torn to pieces. An unthinkable tragedy dealt to a child so young, this would tug on anybody’s heartstrings. The story unfolds with heartbreak of a devastating magnitude, unfathomable changes and loss, shrouded in iniquity, then offers hope in the form of genuine love, care and friendship.
There are exceptional shocks, twists and turns entangled within these pages, constantly taking the reader on a journey providing limitless scenarios and situations alongside experiencing a multitude of emotions. Whilst encountering astonishingly worrying and sickening occurrences and peril, this tale is extraordinarily enchanting and heart warming, conjointly. A pure work of supremecy.
Have you had the pleasure of delighting in this? I’d love to hear your thoughts, why not leave them in the comments below? Is there anything you’d like me to review next? I’d be more than happy to oblige!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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