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I’m aware that I’ve posted quite an amount of Q&A’s/Tag posts recently, I do hope they aren’t boring for you, although due to things being so crazily busy for me right now I figured that today would be a great time for another one. A good friend of mine tagged me in this on Facebook and what is a better way of completing it, than by blogging this rather than clogging up my Facebook news feed! I were intending for today to be a requested post regarding my recent weight loss, I’d rather give it a little more time though. I hope you will continue reading and get to know me a little more.
1. Are you single?
Indeed I am.
2. Are you crushing on anyone?
Can’t say I am, no.
3. What is your favourite food?
TOO MUCH CHOICE! It constantly changes depending on what I’ve consumed or not recently, at the moment I’m obsessed with chocolate and cookies.
4. What’s your favourite colour?
Purple, for now.
5. Which music genre is your favourite?
I enjoy many but rock is my preferred choice.
6. What is your favourite band/artist?
The Calling/Alex Band, Blink-182, Arctic Monkeys
7. Do you have any talents?
Hmm, I’m not very good at picking up on my own talents. You’d be better asking other people, maybe that’s something that could be discussed in the comments? I’d like to think that I portray talent within my writing.
8. Are you in love?
Not currently, thankfully.
9. What are your hobbies?
Reading, writing, crafts, drawing, sewing, swimming, gym, gaming, blogging, machinima, music, singing, ice skating, bowling, playing pool and I’m probably missing some.
10. Are you a gamer?
Very much so, mostly a Sims addict but I’ll play anything and on any device. I love retro games and actually use my PS1 the most, aside from my laptop and phone.
11. Are you swag/emo/scene?
I’m merely myself, I were stereotyped as emo in my high school days, though.
12. Do you have long or short hair?
Long, I’ve been growing it for a while after getting it cut into some type of pixie cut in June 2011.
13. What is your height?
5 foot 4 inch, approximately.
14. Which do you prefer, jacket or hoodie?
It depends on the outfit but I use hoodies to keep warm inside as well as to wear when leaving the house.
15. What is your eye colour?
16. What is your hair colour?
Also brown, really dark though. I were also born with a blonde streak in my hair which is my birth mark. It’s got darker throughout the years though and is now more visible in the summer months.
17. What is the colour of the shirt you’re currently wearing?
I’m wearing my PJ top, it’s gunmetal grey and coral – you can view it on my post ‘Money = Shopping, Shopping = Happiness’.
18. Do you prefer jeans or shorts?
Either, again it depends on the rest of the outfit. The weather and temperature has a lot to do with preference, too. I probably prefer wearing shorts purely because I find jeans can often feel rather uncomfortable.
19. Do you want to get married?
This is something that surprises and sometimes angers people to find out, but no.
20. Do you want to have kids?
Yeah, loads of the angelic gremlins!
21. Would you get divorced?
I don’t intend on getting married but if I were to do so then I’d want that to be a lifelong thing, isn’t that the whole point of marriage?
22. Have you ever or still do wet the bed?
I have done as a child, one of the drawbacks of growing up with delusional nut jobs in the family and being bullied pretty much 24/7, fun times.
23. Have you had or currently have depression?
I suffer from depression and anxiety, I have done since childhood.
24. Do you daydream?
Almost constantly, I often zone out when I’m supposed to be focusing on something else. If I have nothing of which needs my immediate attention then I drift off a considerable amount more.
25. How often do you have thoughts of food?
99.9% of the time. I love food, it’s the best creation, ever. This is non disputable.
26. Name someone you love?
I could write you a huge list! Lets keep it simple though and leave it at my Mom, Echo, Eden and Jeremiah.
27. Name someone you hate?
There’s an incredibly thin line between love and hate. I don’t hate anybody, if there’s someone that I dislike then that’s as far as it would go, why have so much feeling for a person who isn’t important?
28. What is your dream job?
Oh this one is easy – author.
29. Do you have tattoos?
Not yet but I should be getting my first later this year.
30. Do you have piercings?
Indeed I do. My ears, belly button and lip.
31. What were the worst day of your life?
There’s an epic list of contenders for this but I’ll go with the day my Granny died. Ten years in September and things have never been the same.
32. What were the best day of your life?
I’m not sure that I can say what the best day of my life is, I’m going to choose the weekend I spent in Manchester with friends, though. The first day myself, Sophie and Emma went for spray tans then got picked up by our friend Becca, who then took us to a hotel we had booked in Manchester. We left our stuff there then went out and did some shopping at the Trafford Centre until later in the night. After getting dropped back off at the hotel the three of us hung out and had an early night for the next day when we went to X-Factor auditions at Old Trafford. We spent all day there, making new friends and having fun, before making our way back home to Leeds and finishing off the epic weekend with drinks at Emma’s house, with more of our friends. We were younger then and I’d felt so free and void of worries, it were perfection.
33. What is your biggest fear?
The obvious – losing my Mom.
34. What is your worst habbit?
Probably my self-abhorrence.
Well, that turned out to be unexpectedly quite deep in parts! Please feel free to complete this tag yourself and if you do then don’t forget to leave me a link to your own post so that I can check it out! If you enjoyed reading this and getting to know a little more about me then let me know by liking the post or leaving me a comment!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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