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It’s always exciting to stumble upon a new place which you have yet to explore, especially when said place is bulging with a vast amount of cosmetics whilst having sincerely delightful staff working their magic on the place and thoroughly looking after their customers. Just to clarify, I haven’t been compensated in any way to write this post, this is simply the result of giving credit where credit is due, as the phrase goes. If you’d like to marvel in the recollection of my Model’s Own experience then please do continue reading.

Firstly, how cute is the store? It’s compact but well organised therefore making it impossible to not take a thorough look at the merchandise in it’s entirety. The range of products is incredible as there’s not only a selection of different types of nail polish (such as gels or metallics), but there’s a multitude of different colours too, from brights to pales and sparkles to speckles. Not just that, they also stock other cosmetics including gel liners and other eye products. The marvellous sales assistant there at the time were revealing to me that the eyeshadows are said to be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palettes whilst the wand on Model’s Own HyperEyes mascara is similar to the Benefit They’re Real wand with regard to both wands being made from plastic fibres and having a mixture of longer and shorter bristles. I’m unable to comment on the accuracy of this as I haven’t previously used Benefit products. If the comparison is correct with regards to the shadow palettes, though, then that would be one hell of an amazing dupe as the Naked Smoky palette in my eyes is unparalleled. Below are the artifacts of which I unearthed and obtained.

Nail Polish – Chrome Green NP241
Okay this is unbelieveable and I have never experienced anything quite like this before in my entire existence. It leaves a gorgeous chrome effect finish which looks both classy and flawless, the result really is stunning and like nothing I’ve tried before. I adore the colour because it’s not often you find a light green knocking about but the most incredible thing about it is that it’s very close to having an instantaneous drying capability. I aren’t even embellishing this, I tested the polish out and it had completely dried in less than a minute, I even pressed down really hard on my nail in pure disbelief. I for one have never found this to happen with any nail polish, because of being an extremely impatient person this fact has not only astounded me but has lead me to fall in love with the product. I now want to go back and buy the chrome style in every colour.
Nail Polish – Pinky Brown NP120
To look at in the bottle this looks to be a gold and purple colour however it’s been appropriately named as when applied to the nail it does come out looking pinky brown instead, it’s also abundant with sparkles and again has an exceptionally classy finish. This dries slower than the chrome effect polish above, although I have noticed that where the polish lifts a little if touched, it settles down with the rest shortly after as though it hadn’t been touched at all. This too is something that I haven’t observed in a polish before and I find it to be rather impressive.
Nail Polish – Microdots NP211
This looked so exciting and unique that I simply couldn’t leave it on the shelf. With a combination of peach, dark blue, yellow, red and aqua blue polka dots, this is the perfect amalgamation of fun and fashionable in a fantastic overlay style polish. I quickly tested this over the top of ‘Chrome Green’ and found that the two actually compliment one another very well.
HyperEyes Lengthen & Curl Mascara
I’ve been wanting to try out a new mascara and with an offer currently on at Model’s Own I thought why not give it a bash. I have tested this out once and very quickly but have found it to do an immense job of lengthening my lashes whilst partitioning them at the same time. I did feel as though it were lacking a little on the volume aspect but as I say I only tested this very quickly before heading out. This will be in a face of the day post shortly so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in seeing how it looks, or head on over to my Instagram where you will find a preview. The length of each side is meant for use in different ways however I really didn’t have the time available to procrastinate, I’m looking forward to having a leisurely play around with this soon. If you’re looking for a mascara which doesn’t clump then this would undoubtedly be a safe bet!

I also got given two little freebies for purchasing something that day, these were a simple four use file block, for filing, smoothing, buffing and shining. I were already really happy with a metal file that I’ve owned for many years now but I do have to say that these are fantastic. They’ll definitely be getting plenty of use from me as they’re handy to pick up and use quickly whilst including every file type needed. It’s always thrilling receiving a freebie, isn’t it? There’s currently a mix of offers available in store. A nail polish alone is worth £5, the current offer is to buy three polishes for £10, this can be mixed and matched across all styles and therefore means that you’re buying two and getting one free, a solid bargain! The HyperEyes mascara retails at £7.99 but when making a purchase can be obtained instead for half of the price at £4! This isn’t bad at all and granted me further savings, totalling the healthy sum of £9!
I have to add that the lovely lady working there displayed a prodigious degree of superlative customer service of which I have never encountered and experienced. I wish I’d have got her name as she were eminently exuberant and both profoundly welcoming and attentive. Model’s Own are undeniably onto a winner with regards to hiring her. She portrayed the ideal example of what everybody working in sales should be striving to culminate.
If this post has charmed you as much as the products did for me then please do give it a like and maybe even the benefit of a follow. Do you have any Model’s Own favourites? What are your opinions of the store? As always I’d love to hear from you, why not leave me a comment – I’d love some recommendations.
With Love,
Disaster Davis x

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