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Okay so what’s the deal with these new shopping apps for the Iphone and Android lately? Apps such as Wish, Cute, Home and Geek etc are abundant on social media right now. If you’ve somehow managed to not stumble into one of these just yet and have no idea what I’m talking about then let me summarise. These are all free download phone applications in which you can use to shop until your heart is content, they boast incredibly cheap prices on a range of items ranging from cosmetics, wigs and fashion through to technology and homeware. Are they as fantastic or as safe as they make out however? Are the retailers on there simply con artists or legitimate businesses?
The app specific to this post is ‘Cute’ which predominantly sells a vast array of beauty items. I have been scrolling tirelessly through this app and have to say there appears to be an extraordinary selection of deals, accompanied by differing reviews. It seems many people give the app, item or seller a 5 star review, even though they’re making a complaint in their comment, which is most confusing and rather misleading to say the least. It does say that delivery can take a while due to overseas shipping, which is fair enough I’d say. Is this a trusted app, however? I’d actually really like to know this before I start shaking out the contents of my penny jar, as I could have an absolute ball with this app!
Has anybody else used it, what are your honest thoughts on the service, product quality and management of any complaints you may have had? I feel the in-app reviews are hard to read and to judge the different sellers and products by due to the general vagueness provided. I may get bored with pondering the notion of buying before long and just test it out for myself, regardless I would like to hear about everyone’s experiences or thoughts on the topic, much appreciated!
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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