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As you will be aware if you’re a Disaster Davis follower or read my recent post ‘A huge Davis disaster!‘, I were unable to post what I had planned on 28/12/2015 due to technical difficulties involving my pictures. This really annoyed me as I always ensure consistent uploads, thankfully the issue is now rectified and I can now bring you the intended post, a little late unfortunately but here we are. I will still be uploading again this week for my usual Monday/Thursday uploading schedule. Now onto the post!

My phenomenal Mom surprised me with a make-up advent calendar this year, Make-Up Revolution London to be precise. This is a brand of which if you follow me you will already know, is one of my absolute favourites. I always find their eyeshadows to be incredibly pigmented. Read on to find out my verdict for everything included within this glorious gift.

1st – Nail Polish: Red
First up is a very festive bright red polish. Everyone needs a red or two in their collection and even more so at Christmas. The polishes in this calendar all have a thin consistency and because of this seem to apply much easier, gliding on effortlessly. They still also give full coverage with one coat which is fantastic. I’ve found that although they’re thin that this doesn’t make them dry any faster. Then again most polishes tend to dry slowly on me, or maybe that’s just my impatience! I will add that this is simply an observation rather than a complaint.

2nd – Lipstick: Nude
Like with red polish, a nude lipstick I feel is a must have and I were in no way disappointed by this beauty. With a nude lip liner this looks incredible, I were shocked at the fantastic colour pay off from this considering it’s a nude and this is now definitely my new favourite nude within lip products! The lipsticks in this calendar all felt very moisturising leaving a flawless finish. This nude in particular didn’t leave much stain on items such as cups and glasses, nor did it need to be re-applied endlessly. I’m very pleased with this product!

3rd – Baked Highlighter: Pink Lights
This is both a very pretty and well pigmented product. Although the fact it’s purple toned and shimmery scared me at first I had no need to feel such a way as this does wonders for brightening up the under eye area with it’s gorgeous striking colour. I need a lot of practice with the whole notion of ‘baking’ but I’m sure that this highlighter will prove even more incredible once used in this way. I noticed that all of the highlighters in this collection had in common, a very silky texture.

4th – Pressed Blush: Treat
This is a very orange toned blush which appears a lovely peach colour on the cheeks. This would be a great blush for many skin tones – especially those with naturally very pink skin pigmentation. It certainly lives up to it’s name. All blushes included in this set are very well pigmented however don’t come out over done and are buildable for a perfect finish.

5th – Nail Polish: Taupe
This is definitely one of my two favourites from the calendar in terms of nail polish. I adore the colour because it’s unique and very versatile with the potential of using a range of different looks with other colours or glitters. It’s a purple based taupe with pinky undertones and looks gorgeous when applied.
6th – Lipstick: Orange
This is a bright orange which comes out quite muted on the lips unless you use a few cotes to develop the colour more. This reminds me of pumpkins and simply screams Halloween! This pumpkin orange is definitely different to any other lip product I’ve owned before purely based on the colour.
7th – Eyeshadow: Delicious
An EXTREMELY well pigmented brown eyeshadow which is amazing for smoking out colour on the outer V. ‘Delicious’ works fantastically used together with the other mono eyeshadows from this calendar, ‘Base!’ and ‘Mountains Of Gold’. Barely any product is required due to it’s profound pigmentation, Make-Up Revolution London have even blown themselves out of the water with this one!
8th – Tube Gloss: Pink/Orange
This is a salmon based pink gloss and has a slight shimmer. Whilst you can tell that the wearer has a gloss on it doesn’t have much of a colour pay off as it isn’t very vivid.

9th – Lipstick: Fushia
This is a fushia colour which comes out that way on the lips with undertones of what I’d call a ‘Barbie pink’ making this perfect for a bright pop of colour. Like the rest this is pigmented and has a moisturising texture. I’m aware the picture makes it look as if it’s from the 6th, I clearly got confused whilst taking pictures of so many products!

10th – Pressed Blush: Wow!
Appropriately named, this is a very bright and bold pink although not quite so scary when swatched (still very pigmented) this is a very pretty and buildable blush. With a light application you’re able to avoid the risk of using too much product to give a very noticeable but healthy looking glow. This is now one of my favourite blush products in my whole make-up collection.

11th – Nail Polish: Turquoise
This is a very pale turquoise colour and like the other’s has a thin consistency for a quick and easy application. I love the colour as it’s not too bright but still offers a nice colour for days when you want your nails to be a little more subdued. This is very pretty and in my top three polish colours from this collection.
12th – Lipgloss: Baby Pink
A very pretty light pink shade with slight sparkle. This is a wand gloss proving to be much easier with regards to application and has the usual sticky feel that a gloss typically leaves. This isn’t very pigmented therefore for me doesn’t achieve it’s title of ‘intense’. I noticed this also has a nice taste and smell, reminding me of a bubblegum flavour!
13th – Eyeshadow: Base!
Great pigmentation for such a light colour, this is perfect for it’s name sake as a ‘base’ and is also fantastic for highlighting the brow bone!

14th – Pressed Highlighter: Hidden Lights
This is a perfect neutral colour for highlighting any areas where shimmer isn’t wanted. This isn’t quite as pigmented as the other’s in this post but is still amazing none the less. This will mostly get used for places such as my nose and forehead!
15th – Nail Polish: Pink
Simple and to the point; this is a standard pink polish. I’m sure we all have one and this is no different from the millions already in my collection, okay maybe a slight exaggeration there. It’s a lovely colour but there’s nothing much to say, what you see is what you get with this product with no hidden sparkles or undertones.

16th – Pressed Blush: Now
Salmon coloured and perfect for a more subtle look as opposed to the bright pink ‘Wow!’ shade. This will look especially beautiful with a tan and/or alongside contouring.

17th – Tube Gloss: Baby Pink
Again, tube glosses aren’t my favourite due to seeming to be so much stickier than others also due to awkwardness of the application from them. This gloss however somehow seemed to have a less sticky consistency to many others and glided on. It’s because of this and the end result that I prefer this one to the other tube gloss from day 8, it has an extremely light colour and appears clear on the lips but the sparkles are incredibly noticeable.

18th – Nail Polish: Grey
This grey polish has a slight blue undertone and sparkles, by far the prettiest and most unusual polish I have seen of this colour variation and is one of my favourites from this collection. It’s such a unique and pretty colour and I’m excited to be presented with an opportunity to test this out soon!

19th – Eyeshadow: Mountains of Gold
An utterly perfect gold eyeshadow providing an unbelievable colour pay off with lots of shimmer and sparkle! This is definitely a must have for the festive season and will be used extensively by me due to my current obsession with gold and purple shades. I were incredulous to find that there’s very little fall out if any, especially shocking providing the intense pigmentation. I’m in love with this product.
20th – Lipstick: Pink
This is a really nice muted pink shade of which isn’t too bright or over done, lovely for a slightly understated look. It glides on but will take a few coats however for ample colour pay off.
21st – Baked Highlighter: Golden Lights
Perfect for using alongside contouring, this is a lovely light shimmery colour which draws attention to the highlighted areas in a natural way. The brow bone will receive advantage from this product also!

22nd – Lipgloss: Red
Thankfully this gloss has a wand applicator as this is indeed intense, especially for a gloss! This has a remarkable colour pay off with a slightly fushia undertone.

23rd – Lipstick: Purple
A highly pigmented, deep, dark purple which takes literally only one swipe for an astonishing highly pigmented result. This is highly moisturising and is my new ‘baby’.
24th – Lipstick: Red
Incredibly bright is this red, with a crazy colour pay off and again a moisturising feel. This looks incredible teamed together with a red lip liner and is the perfect lip shade for Christmas!

25th – Eyeshadow Palette
What a fantastic little palette this is, including a mix of neutrals and brights, mattes and shimmers. Undoubtedly perfect for creating a range of flawless and unbelievably well pigmented winter looks. There’s a long double ended sponge applicator included with this, although I’m unlikely to use this due to my general dislike for a sponge applicator with regard to the eyes, I feel there’s a lack of colour pay off with them and the general feel of applying my eye make up this way irritates me. Using my favourite tools for the job I will of course be enjoying every minute of use from this little cracker!
Did you have an advent calendar this year? Let me know in the comments below which one you got and your thoughts on it. I’m ridiculously excited to try the above items out more in the near future and will definitely be hoping for another next year! The Make-Up Revolution London Advent Calendar is utterly spectacular and overall I’m thrilled to have received this. If you find yourself at a loss for ideas and inspiration for Christmas gifts in 2016 I can assure you that this is a solid choice to go by for any lady in your life.
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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