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Howdy! Due to it now being the end of the year I thought what better time to share with you my favourites for 2015, I wonder if we share any of the following in common! I’ve collected a list from a range of items including but not limited to cosmetics, clothing and reading material! Lets start off with fragrance and cosmetics shall we?

Vivienne Westwood – Let It Rock 50ml
This is discontinued and knowing this honestly breaks my heart. The fragrance lasts all day due to being such amazing quality, it isn’t over powering and you really don’t need to use a lot. It can still be bought on Amazon but for an incredibly sky high price of approximately the £100 mark!

Make-Up Revolution London Ultimate Eyeshadow Collection
This is an easy to use “everything in one place” product due to including a large range of colours of which are all incredibly well pigmented, of course because of this there is some fall out however there isn’t too much and this is both expected and can be avoided! These can of course be used with a dampened brush in order to deepen the colours although there isn’t a need to do this unless it’s specific to the look you’re going for. This collection has the perfect mix of naturals, brights, mattes and shimmers.
P.S, Love Sultry Lashes
These beauties are cheap and re-usable, they don’t look too fake and have a fantastic staying power when applied correctly. You will have already seen these appear in a previous post of mine, ‘Running Dry’.
Gold Lipstick with No Name
Unfortunately I have absolutely no idea what product this is or where it’s from/made by. I couldn’t simply leave this out however as it’s the perfect golden colour with orange/coral undertones. The lipstick glides on effortlessly, both looking and feeling incredible!
Glitter Nail Varnishes – Angelica, Barry M and H&M
I find that glitter nail polish lasts much longer and chips less. All four included in this post look so pretty as an overlay for a similar colour and create a beautiful end result! From Angelica are the Asteroid (purple) and Bewitched (blue), 361 Ruby Slippers (red) by Barry M and the Beige/Beige Glitter Duo (gold/silver/copper) is from H&M. Keep your eyes peeled in 2016 for an acrylic nails post showcasing these delights!
P.S, Love Under Eye Concealer – Ivory
I got more than I had expected with this product and I’m not only using it for it’s intended purpose as a concealer but also to highlight, which yes I know is naughty of me. This product blends so easily and due to it having a wand it’s super easy to use. I’ve found this concealer to not only cover blemishes well but also to fill up my larger pore areas giving me a much smoother look.
Bourjois Little Blush Pot – 85 Sienne
This isn’t overly pigmented therefore ideal for make-up newbies! Personally I don’t like to use too much blush and I find this to be perfect, with just a subtle hint of colour which can be also built up when wanted or needed. It’s a very pretty product and the brush tool included is actually fantastic too as it distributes the product exactly where needed, as the shape of the brush is moulded based on the intended area of the face. A handy mirror is also built into the lid! This is a firm all time favourite of mine of which I re-discovered earlier this year but unfortunately then lost again whilst out with friends. This Bourjois pot is so well loved by myself that it even made an appearance on this years ‘Stockings and Sacks – Christmas Wishlist!’.
Rimmel Kohl Liner – Pure White 071
This is perfect for the waterline as it has a very creamy consistency and doesn’t drag on the eye. It will need to be re-applied although doesn’t everything need to be when used on this area. This doesn’t irritate my eyes either.
Collection Pressed Powder – 01 Candlelight
Also seen in my post ‘Running Dry’ is this item of pure brilliance. Collection pressed powder is my all time must have for setting my foundation and concealer because of it’s light consistency and silky texture. Only a little amount of product is needed and the pan lasts for aeons.

Paul’s Boutique Boots
Some may say tacky, I personally love the look of these and the fluffy inside lining is imperative for winter! Even better is that they manage to fit my fat feet!
New Look Ankle Boots
These are a recent purchase of which I’m in love with! These are wide fit, meaning these are also a delight of which fits my chubster tootsies! These are exceedingly pleasurable on the eye and surprisingly comfortable. I have found that these are well made and a bonus is that they won’t get ruined if we happen to be blessed with snow!
Primark Grey Ripped Jeans
These are literally the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned and at such an incredible price (you can view these on my post ‘The Two C’s Haul: Cosmetics & Clothing’.) I honestly can’t fault these at all and they look fantastic, too.
Ark Skirt with Crosses
I recently remembered that I own this and I’m greatly thankful of the fact. It’s quickly become one of my absolute favourite items. Aesthetically pleasing and made with wonderful colours, the elasticated waistband means it’s a perfect fit also!
Primark Black Crop Top
This goes with almost everything because of both the colour and style, it’s a great fit and is comfortable – I really wish I’d have purchased more.

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes
All encompassing, magical, tragic and utterly heartbreaking. This is unquestionably my ‘chosen one’ from the following list and with that in mind, look out for a double book review to follow in 2016!
Girl Online & Girl Online: On Tour – Zoe Sugg
Both are highly enjoyable and easy reads. For more information check out my ‘Double Book Review Bonanza’!
The Fault In Our Stars – John Green
Original, shocking and heartbreaking. This book is incredibly well known by this point and of course has been turned into a major motion picture! I also have a review on TFIOS therefore please go and show some love to the post ‘The Fault In Our Stars: Book Review’.
The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks
A timeless classic. It’s most peculiar that I’ve only recently gotten around to reading this pure work of art after having seen the movie before a countless amount of times. Obviously as with everything, the book is undeniably a million times better. The Notebook is enchanting, a beautiful work of pure genius, it leaves you happy and sad at the same time and is somehow tragic whilst depicting one of the greatest love stories to this date, I will definitely be posting a review in 2016 therefore keep your eyes peeled!
Dear Thing – Julie Cohen
I picked this up by complete chance and with being different from that of anything I’d read previously, I of course had to experience this journey. Bittersweet and breathtaking this story explores surrogacy and unavoidable maternal feelings with unfathomable choices to be made. Would you be interested in a review of this book? If so please let me know, I’d be more than happy to oblige.

If you enjoyed reading about my favourites for the past year then please let me know by liking or leaving a comment, doing so will let me know to provide you with this type of post more frequently! I’d also love to know about anything you have enjoyed recently.
With Love,
Disaster Davis x
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